• Sí toca guitarra no lo dejes ir , tiene habilidad en los dedos. literal shottekskillz •

Sí toca guitarra no lo dejes ir , tiene habilidad en los dedos.

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Harry out there living up to their team name
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if you think skinny patrick is cuter than chubby patrick then youre 100% wrong but if you think chubby patrick is cuter then you’re also 100% wrong moral of the story patrick is always cute and his weight doesnt matter and we should be happy he is healthier now so he can keep bein a...
it’s been 364 days and I still can’t believe this is a candid
fav quotes from 50 shades
Christian mashed on my area with the meat of his hand. “Do you like that, you woman?”The sex feelings flooded my body like a charging heard of itty bitty elephants. We’re talking small."Do I afraid you?" Christian Grey asked, licking his eyebrow.He started working my zone. It was bananas.
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so today it snowed for the first time this year and ive naturally been online all day and didnt know so i went to take out the garbage in bare feet and stepped in an inch snow and i just yelled "what the fUCK" and i just heard my neighbour in his backyard go “oh my god she’s outside̶...