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featured: sleepy kitten argues with me about getting up.

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featured: sleepy kitten argues with me about getting up.
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:) maybe I am it will be amazing selfie bee HAPPY BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY ARE YOU HYPE I bet that you have seen it already but in case you have not if you search for 'A Special Message From Doc Brown' on youtube you are going to find a really sweet video AND our neighbors cat is going to have kittens!! I cannot have a cat right now because I still live at home and my brother is  300% allergic to them but one day I will have one and I will buy it one of those tiny hammoks also university has started again yesterday we were like 100 people in one small classroom because the person who makes the room plans is a horse you know the story about the horse who could count but then it couldn't? I think the room planer person is that horse we all had to sit one the floor I sat right before the door and every time somebody wanted to leave the room I had to stand up but my legs fell asleep the whole time I fell a little every time but it is an interesting course and we will have a different room next time so everything is nice how are you doing? <3
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gifs epilepsy warning my life Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner ah i just love it so much i love you i love you i love you i have no idea for how long ive kept this in my drafts i love this video so much and i have no idea why??? maybe because its the only ''decent'' video from chicago house of blues and how close you get like these gifs are so shitty i was checking my drafts and i found them here ah my angel how i love you :( and how difficult things have been :( im just gonna pretend you know what im talking about my heart is with you every second the way you waved your arm :( you are so lovely so so so lovely everything about you is so lovely and perfect to me
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