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signs and temper

hot, loud anger: aries, taurus, leo

cold, sarcastic, biting anger: aquarius, gemini, sagittarius 

crying, indignant anger: libra, cancer, pisces

quiet, nonreactive anger: capricorn, scorpio, virgo

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Bath Bombs for the signs
Aries: granny takes a dip Taurus: rose queen Gemini: avobath Cancer: big blue Leo:  dragons egg Virgo:  blackberry Libra: space girl Scorpio: twilight Sagittarius: golden wonder Capricorn: phoenix rising Aquarius: fizzbanger Pisces: sakura
probably your worst flaw
Aries: selfishTaurus: stubbornGemini: flakyCancer: whiny Leo: egotistical Virgo: judgmental Libra: lazyScorpio: manipulativeSagittarius: foolishCapricorn: opportunistic Aquarius: neuroticPisces: lost
Aries: typhoons Taurus: dry and hotGemini: sleet Cancer: snowLeo: sunnyVirgo: windyLibra: cloudy Scorpio: hailSagittarius: wildfire Capricorn: thunderstormAquarius: mistPisces: rainy
tru 90s kids will remember
Aries: rock paper scissors Taurus: ring popsGemini: walkie talkiesCancer: rugratsLeo: power rangersVirgo: nintendo 64Libra: the magic school busScorpio: tamagotchiSagittarius: the original walkmanCapricorn: goosebumps seriesAquarius: are you afraid of the dark?Pisces: beanie babies and carebears
  • Aries:Agnes Waterhouse// Had a deal with the Devil and wasn't afraid to say so. The Brave witch.
  • Taurus:Joan Wytte// Clairvoyant and healer who eventually became possessed by the Devil, getting involved in many fights.
  • Gemini:Marie Laveau// Voodoo Queen. Performed necromancy, mind control, telekinesis and pinning.
  • Cancer:Chedipe// Witch-vampire who rode on tigers in the moonlight, choosing houses to visit to cast spells on men.
  • Leo:Agnes Sampson// Tried to sink the ship of Queen Anne, wife of King James VI of England.
  • Virgo:Isobel Gowdie// Could control the weather and would often write poetry about witch practices. Allegedly marked by the Devil.
  • Libra:Circe// Transformed random sailors into wolves and lions and all kinds of animals.
  • Scorpio:Mother Shipton// Clairvoyant, sorceress. An outcast with a great talent.
  • ...
  • Queen:Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo
  • Princess:Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Libra
  • Fuck that, I'm punk rock:Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius
  • Virgo/Capricorn:The Power Couple
  • Libra/Leo:The Show Stoppers
  • Scorpio/Virgo:The Demanding Duo
  • Cancer/Taurus:The Nurturing Partners
  • Aquarius/Gemini:The Intellectual Discoverers
  • Virgo/Libra:The Sensual Lovers
  • Pisces/Scorpio:The Soul Mates
  • Sagittarius/Aries:The Ride or Dies
  • ...
signs and temper
hot, loud anger: aries, taurus, leocold, sarcastic, biting anger: aquarius, gemini, sagittarius crying, indignant anger: libra, cancer, piscesquiet, nonreactive anger: capricorn, scorpio, virgo
The signs & writing
check your mercury sign too.Aries : Uses harsh, honest words. Not big on metaphors. Their work is always full of action.Taurus : Surprisingly creative. Always finds the perfect word. Their work may lack dialogue.Gemini : Writing a thousand stories at the same time. Doesn’t finish most of them.Cancer...
  • Refuses to play such a ridiculous game:Capricorn
  • Totally chill but then the pencil moves and they run away screaming:Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces
  • Asks Charlie the most hilarious questions:Aries, Leo, Aquarius
  • Actually blowing the pencil to scare everyone:Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio
the zodiac signs as emotions
Aries: ecstasyTaurus: appreciationGemini: hysteriaCancer: patienceLeo: affectionVirgo: anxietyLibra: acceptanceScorpio: indignation Sagittarius: wonderCapricorn: respectAquarius: hopePisces: empathy 
the "probably thinking about sex" squad
aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisceslmao