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skeleton oddities taxidermy Wet specimen vulture culture

Things I got in the mail today: Fox fetus

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skeleton oddities taxidermy Wet specimen vulture culture
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Weird and Awesome Skulls!
I figured we need a masterpost of some of the best weird, cool skulls out there for all the bone collectors. So here are some of my favorites:Giant Anteaters and their tube facesEchidnasArmadillo Lizard (aka smol dragon)Platypus (still ridiculous even in death)Toucans! Once again birds taking the ca...
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Animal Preservation
Here’s a post to preserving animals in as many forms as I can shove in here/am aware about. Please feel free to reblog and add more links!TaxidermyMountable vs Non-mountable Pelts (visual guide)Mountable Pelt (visual)How to Reshape a Face on a PeltMaking a Soft Mount CoyoteMounting a Persian Leopard...