• Me: I’m totally gonna be an asshole this playthroughAsshole option: *appears*Me: Skyrim video games everytime Fallout dragon age mass effect undertale rpg games any game really hhaikyutie •

Me: I’m totally gonna be an asshole this playthrough

Asshole option: *appears*


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Me: I’m totally gonna be an asshole this playthroughAsshole option: *appears*Me:
Friend: Why aren’t you using that armor? It has such a higher defense then the one you’re using. Me:
Holds analog stick halfway so my character walks slowly for dramatic effect.
Skyrim video games assassin's creed fallout 3 mass effect 3 half-life 2 metro 2033
Girl Gamers
If you identify as female and play video games. Please reblog this. I want to prove a point that there are LOADS of us.If you can spare the time. Tag what you play!
bioware games
npcs’ hair: player’s hair options:
The Stages of Playing a Video Game
1. “I want to play that game!” 2. “I can’t stop playing this game!” 3. “I wish I never played that game” 4. *Uncontrollable sobbing*
Skyrim kingdom hearts world of warcraft dragon age mass effect Final Fantasy X fallout 3 fable 3 deus ex valkyria chronicles The Witcher 2 diablo 2 maaann so many sub categories in this one but used mostly action role playing ones and just rpgs *gen
Oh yes im a big fan of Depression Age and Mourn Effect by Bioweep
  • Me:I don't even remember why I love this asshole
  • Character:Hi
  • Me:Oh yeah
reloading a video game file for the first time in months
swtor Skyrim video games mass effect fallout 3 oblivion I'm sure this has been done before but oh well kingdoms of amalur