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snk eren jaeger snk spoilers historia reiss thanks to anon kenny ackerman snk 65 all here now

Dreams and Curses

Speak up, Gramps. You’re about to die, aren’t you?
Gramps: Kenny…

Anon on 4chan has translated the summary. All here under the read more:

Scene where a younger Kenny is questioning his grandfather (?) lying ill in bed

G: Did you… kill more MPs?

Kenny: Oh yeah. The ones that were sniffing around here are now fertilizer. This may not be the best news to hear before you die, but… I finally found my sister.

His sister, Kshel (?), is working at a brothel in the underground city and pregnant with a client’s child. She insists on giving birth to it. The family moved south to somehwere around the Shiganshina District. But people prevent them from doing business and they’re still poor.

"What the hell is this? I hear the Ackerman Family used to be the King’s guards… But now… there’s only several of us left and we’re practically extinct. What the hell did we do to get hated this much? C’mon, Gramps — won’t you talk to your dear grandson?"

The grandfather gives a short laugh and coughs a bit

My precious grandson… has become the city’s nightmare, “Kenny the Ripper.” I meant to protect you all from the Royal Family by taking our generation’s secrets to the grave… But it seems my efforts have all come to nothing.
And then he begins to explain: the Ackerman Family was never hated, but feared — because the King was never able to control them. The grandfather himself doesn’t know everything, since his generation was born after Humanity relocated to behind the Walls. But he does know that the Ackerman Family acted as the Royal Family’s dagger and backbone. Excluding the important families, the greater part of Humanity form a single race and bloodline

Among the people living within the walls, the vast majority are of that race and only a very few are minorities (different race). There was also a family of East Sea People (Asians) that were very different from us. Those outliers (races with different roots) became obstacles for the King’s ideal regime. The King wished to wipe clean all of Humanity’s memories, make them forget about the past… and create lasting peace.

Kenny: Huh? Wipe clean all of Humanity’s… what!?

The Kings are endowed with the Titan’s Power and have passed them down the royal line for generations, the grandfather continues. They built a wall to protect Humanity from the Titans with that tremendous power. And told their people that Humanity’s history in the world outside the walls have been lost. But the minorities’ (including the Ackerman Family) memories were unaffected by the King’s power
Kenny: !!
Gramps: Thus, the King could only alter and erase memories of the “majority.” To achieve his goal of erasing the past, the minorities must keep silent. But the two races did not approve of the King’s vision, cast aside their status and turned their backs on the Royal Family. Those families were the Asians and the Ackerman Family.
However, the grandfather’s parents’ generation sought to protect their children from the purge and never told them about the “lost” memories. The head of the Ackerman Family allowed himself to be executed in return for the family’s survival. However—
Their protection has now been revoked.
Kenny: “Is that right…? I’ll buy that story… It’s more interesting that way.
…is what I thought I’d do, but…
Historia: F-Father!
Kenny grabs Rod and points the gun at his face
Rod: “You think I’m lying to you?”
"I waited for this day because I believed you wouldn’t lie in a situation like this," retorts Kenny. His face is pale and he appears to be deeply in shock.
Kenny: “This is an important ritual for succession, right? You knew how I felt all along but manipulated me anyway… And used me well, didn’t you? You sly dog…
Rod: “Thank god we only took a mongrel like you in because my brother went mad—”
Kenny pushes the gun barrel harder against his head. “Talk shit about Uri one more time and half your head is gone! Not that I’d mind!!”
Historia: Stop! Release my father.
Historia tries to take away Kenny’s gun. Poor girl, says Kenny out loud…
Kenny: “Weren’t you listening? This guy wanted to make you into a monster and feed Eren to you.
Historia and Eren’s eyes meet for a moment. She adopts a stern expression and says “That’s my duty, isn’t it?” (slightly stuttering)
Kenny: !
H: What’s so bad about me becoming a Titan… if I can save Humanity?
Kenny: “Really now? You eat your friend and get an upset stomach, that’s your duty?”
H: Yes… I’ll eat Eren! And get my elder sister back! And inherit our world’s history—I will exterminate the Titans from this world!! That is my duty!!
K: Have you forgotten what your father has done to you? First off, the way you were born was so tragic. You came into being because this bastard didn’t care about his social standing and fucked his housekeeper. Your mother gave birth to you thinking she could become the wife of a lord… But your existence was repellent and a disgrace to both the people and the nobles. They decided that you didn’t even exist, including this father here!!
Kenny continues to rail at the things Rod has done. Rod had the gall to show himself in front of Historia after his own children were taken away during the night. At that moment, the Central MP had received orders to cleanse the blemish on the Royal Family’s purity. They were about to rub out the prostitute and her daughter Historia, as if they had never existed. But he covered up her birth and sent her to the army, saving her life on condition that the Wall Cult would keep an eye on her.
"Why d’you think he did that, huh? Did he suddenly regain his fatherhood and feel love for his daughter? Not by a long shot!! This scum only had use for your blood!! He’s a shitstain that pushed the duty onto his brother and daughter because he didn’t want to become a Titan!! Hell, he even covered up the fact that Frida and the kids got killed and the Titan Power was stolen! He was scared stiff that the Reiss Family would fall apart after losing the Titan Power!! He only admitted his mistakes around the time Eren used his Titan Power and won the defensive battle in Trost District!! Fucking hell, a lot of noble lives were lost these past five years!! But none of that matters to this shit!! Not his family!! Not Humanity!! Least of all you, Historia! He only cares about saving his own skin! That’s your father! What do you say to that!?
Kenny rants all of this while rattling a knife in Rod’s mouth as if he’s torturing him. At first Historia bore it well and listened, but towards the end she averts her eyes.
Rod: No… that’s not true Historia…
Rod still has something to say and he does, while blood trickles from his mouth. There’s a reason why he himself can’t become a Titan; don’t trust what others are saying, he says.
Kenny: “You don’t say?” Kenny releases Rod.
Historia: Father!
Rod: Kenny… you’ve done well all this time. I am proud of my brother’s judgment back then. Your wish will never come true… but Humanity will regain Peace, I’m sure of it. You are now free… find another living somewhere and lead a long life.
Kenny: “…that’ll be boring.” Kenny says this after a long pause and walks over to Eren
Rod: What are you doing?
K: Go ahead and turn into a Titan, I won’t get in the way. But it’s gonna be a race. You’ll both turn into Titans and fight each other to the death. If Historia wins, you’ll have peace. If she loses to Eren, nothing will change.
It’s hard to bite off your tongue, right Eren? I’ll put a slice in for you.
Kenny takes off Eren’s gag and makes a horizontal slash on his forehead.
Eren bleeds; Rod and Historia look terrified/desperate.
Kenny: Keep breathing until you die? What kind of a life is that?
Rod: Historia!!
Historia: !!
Rod hands her a syringe, this shot will turn her into a powerful Titan
Rod: “I picked the Titan most suited for battle. You can’t control a rampaging Titan… But you have your chance right now, Eren’s still tied up.” And he tells her that she doesn’t necessarily have to “eat” him, just crunch through his spine and consume his spinal cord.
Kenny takes off on his jetpack; “I better stay out of the way”
Rod: Hurry, Historia!!
Historia readies the syringe.
H: W-why!? …Eren, why aren’t you transforming? You’ll get eaten once I transform… if you stay like that

Historia’s stern expression vanishes as she frantically talks to Eren.
Rod: Do it now, Historia!!
Eren: I was unnecessary…
Historia: Eh?
Eren: Me… and my dad… If my dad hadn’t done this 5 years ago… your sister could have somehow worked everything out, right? How many people have died…? All because me and my dad stole the Titan Power from where it belonged… Armin’s grandpa, Thomas… Miina… Nack… Mirius… Marco, the people from Levi’s team… The people in Suthes District… the soldiers who tried to save me… Hannes. There were others, of course… but I can’t atone for them all. Those days of training and my dream of the outside world, they were all useless. I wasn’t needed. 
Historia stares at Eren as he sobs through this. A scene of young Historia looking at Frida’s back.
Eren: So at least end it all with your hands. Historia… eat me and save Humanity. Please. It’s all up to you now.
Kenny and Rod silently look on.
Historia: Eren… I was really happy when you told me I was a normal person that time
*injects serum*
A blinding light fills the cavern.
Levi: Shit… it can’t be…
Jean: A Titan…!
Mikasa: …Eren

To be continued in Chapter 66

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the fact that eren blames himself for the deaths of all of his loved ones and comrades (whose weight of their deaths he already carries) and is willing to give himself up for the sake of a better fate for humanity is quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking things ever. so if you try to tell me ...
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