• no when i say ‘i love sasha braus’ i dont mean ‘i like the quirky food obsessed gi... snk long post for ts Sasha Braus potato girl shitty ramblings my lord and savior thebloodarm •

no when i say ‘i love sasha braus’ i dont mean ‘i like the quirky food obsessed girl’ i mean ‘I LOVE SASHA BRAUS’

sasha braus who, after watching her friends die, while everyone else stands shell shocked, tries to encourage them all to keep fighting

who even offers to lead the strike against the titans

who, while living in a world filled with constant, bloody deaths, still manages to find joy in simple things like food and succeeding in using her 3d maneuver gear in training

who is ‘lightning fast, with uncanny intuition’

who not only stayed through the whole few years, but graduated training in the top fucking ten

who, though she joins training for the food, joins the most dangerous portion of the military to save humanity, although she had the opportunity to join the safest (and best-fed!)

who did this:image down half of fucking wall rose to save one of her friends

who used a bow and arrow to take down a three meter titan singlehandedly

in summary: sasha braus is more than just ‘the potato girl’ and is fucking awesome

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