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When you hear someone knock on the door when you are home alone
tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor loki my favourite thing about this entire narrative is that neither of them went home; whole. anyway. neither of them went home as a fully functional human being who is in control of all of themselves; who isn't bereft in someway and i don't mean bereft as in they lost a brother - i mean bereft as in they lost a part of themself thor lost his head and loki lost his heart thor went home kinder and filled with humility but he also went home and inadvertently helped his brother die thor went home filled with human kindness realizing the vastness of space and time and his small part in it but thor went home and he lost his head and he lost his quiet calm voice of reason loki went home chained and beaten and plotting with red in his ledger and a universal force on his back; he went home muzzled and jailed hat hating and loving his brother in equal measure; knowing what he is going to get knowing he is going to be punished grievously knowing that he made thor's mistake and that there is absolutely no going back; he went home cold and resolved and he went home without his heart. he lost it when he let go.
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gifs mine Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS b* Dawn Summers conversations with dead people bs7 blood cw gore cw btvs edit wow but why isn't everyone all over this scene yet this isn't just dawn fucking summers performing an exorcism like a badass this is dawn actually improvising an exorcism standing up when she's being pushed down using her inner strenght and the strenght people's love has given her this girl's power is in her faith and conviction i think this is my new favorite scene hands down sixth gif is actually my favorite thing dawn summers appreciation life
Drying your hands when there isn't any paper towel
gif funny haha humor fun wow Awkward xd relatable awkwark moment When you are home alone and there is someone at the door
my sister wrote a paragraph about naruto back when she was in second grade and t...
Antarctica sea ice mcmurdo cargo plane
That awkward moment when you tickle some one who isn't ticklish
And they look at you like: And you’re just like: WARNING: You may die of laughter if you follow this blog
photoset * CAP bakemonogatari Koyomi Araragi subs hitagi senjougahara when isn't she ??