• sorry this didn't mean anything still my fav tbh keylimenonsense •
sorry this didn't mean anything still my fav tbh

a gem I found at the farmers market once

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sorry this didn't mean anything still my fav tbh
my gifs ... what? Blake Shelton i didn't justin moore This is will be me when I mean him who said that?
* glee otp: you take my breath away ??????????????? ??? moulin rouge ?????? or anything i don't want to talk about this coloring or this photoset i'm so tired of this stupid storyline kurt asks him out > he disappears for 2 episodes and then kurt hooks up with blaine and he doesn't tell him about it because it obviously didn't mean anything!!! he asks kurt if he used to sing cwm with blaine kurt says yes he asks kurt if he's still in love with blaine kurt doesn't say anything (this time) but it's obvious he still loves him so he's like aw that's cool!! let's go see a movie!!! because he's fucking 22 years old and apparently fine with being someone's rebound??? and then disappears for another 3 or 4 episodes??? i don't understand????? we'll probably see him again when they break it off whatever the fuck it is who the fuck knows anyway my point is
No one makes Zayn smile quite like Niall Some random highlights that I don’t feel like organizing Same Look at Niall making Zayn smile in B&W Just look at this, Niall did this IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE REALLY BE NIALL In conclusion,
jonah hill jay baruchel This is the end the exorcism of jonah hill I LOVE THIS FUCKING MOVIE I'M SO MAD I DIDN'T WATCH IT UNTIL LIKE A MONTH AGO IT'S FANTASTIC 10/10 WOULD REC is that a tag probs not oh well goodness me this scene was hard to color it still doesn't look great but whatever this is my fav scene
gif fav depression b&w hate help ugh crying self hate anorexia sorry ana ed mia idek not my gif bullimia too bipolar i hate myself same freddie highmore tbh schizophrenia bates motel mental disorder not sorry reposted don't worry i just need to google this image and i couldn't do that without posting it so
* the vampire diaries alaric saltzman do not go gentle this scene was so beautiful i sobbed like crazy my head is still hurting because damn too sad for words i wish he didn't have to die though... i really love him i'm too lazy to tag everyone sorry
sorry comics Marvel marveledit marvel ladies ugh this is what happens when i can't sleep i wanted to gif~~ everyone but i didn't know what to do so yeah just an excuse to post my fav ladies cause the AA art is so pretty! *-* *mine: edit
mine sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock sh SherlockEdit can you tell JW so here's something e: sherlock so i drew them I haven't made anything in ages I didn't like my fonts I can't art I'm sorry it's so much darker than what I saw on my photoshop why do I keep getting this problem
film watchmen my graphic mine* zack snyder screencapmeme the link leads to more '+ things' graphics this is a fab film mine:movie i broke three rules tbh i didn't even mean for this to be organized by colour but i'm really proud of it :DDDDDDDDD
1k tony stark comics *mine bruce banner AVENGERS ASSEMBLE marveledit omg i'm sorry i didn't mean for this to be such a long post my favorite part is how pleased steve is and of course tony dropping his pants as soon as he's told posting now bc i don't feel like waiting until tomorrow ok
the walking dead Sasha MMC *myedits twdedit blood cw gore cw flowersforsansa (...why doesn't she have a last name yet gdi show) i do the math and i don't gamble tbh there's barely anything in it but i don't have all the relevant eps for tara since i didn't download the governor-centric ones also i don't see a lot of love for sasha on tumblr so this is my contribution~