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Spiderman spider-man captain america civil war

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Spiderman spider-man captain america civil war
  • Sony:(has done the Spider-Man origin story, TWICE)
  • Kevin Feige:(paraphrasing) We're not going over the origin story for Spider-Man this time round. I think the general public is VERY familiar with his origin story.
  • Ant-Man:(establishes Spider-Man as existing and active as a hero; paraphrasing: "We got a guy who swings, a guy who jumps, a guy who crawls up walls")
  • Captain America Civil War:(will have Spider-Man already active as a hero)
  • Somebody:UUUUUUUUGGGGHHH, I can't believe we're going to see the Spider-Man origin story fucking AGAIN.
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@ all you blind bitches complaining that Spidey’s suit looks fake/CGI:
LOOK AGAIN. CLOSER:So, you were saying…?
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“Hey everyone.”
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Dear Marvel,We don’t care if Captain America: Civil War is 3 hours long. Leave everything in. Love, Everyone
im in the “i want a black widow movie not a sixth spiderman film” squad
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