• spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker themysteryofgravityfalls •
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker
spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker spoilers gravity falls scaryoke into the bunker

Couldn’t make the Gravity Falls Live! panel today? Don’t worry, we have all the info you need!




Episode 1 is titled “Scaryoke” and will air August 1, 2014 on Disney Channel

Episode 2 is titled “Into the Bunker” and will air August 4, 2014 on Disney XD

The panel and Q&A were recorded officially by a press outlet. This is most likely to be shared sometime soon. Every one attending got a signed poster of the season 2 promo art.




Panel started with a table read of an alternative opening of Summerween. During this opening, Stan barges into the kids’ room while they are sleeping, tears off his head, and chucks it onto Mabel’s bed. Grunkle Stan reveals the trick but it’s shocked Dipper and Mabel so much so that Dipper says “Every time I close my eyes, I keep seeing it in my mind. Then the Summerween opening we all know and love was played to show the contrast between the two and how the process and story can change from conception to execution.


They also revealed a very different introduction to everyone’s favorite triangular demon. In the original scene, Gideon would be in his room performing the ritual. A red portal opens up and shrouds Gideon in light when Bud Gleeful walks in asking if he wants footie PJs tonights. Gideon turns around to reveal blood red eyes with no pupil and exposes a demonic mouth before howling at Bud. Pan to Bill in the book with DO NOT SUMMON.

Cut to the Mystery Shack as everyone sleeps. Dipper is having a nightmare. The roof is ripped off and a portal appears through which Bill steps out. He introduces himself and tips his hat, which tips the entire room in the same way. Dipper questions how Bill knows his name and Bill beings to clone himself while making random observations. The unknown, Dipper’s real name, and his crush on Wendy are mentioned. The three Bills converse among themselves about how scandolous his crush on Wendy is. Dipper demands they shut up and tell why they are there.

Bill reveals that Gideon hired him to break into Grunkle Stan’s head for some kind of combination (the safe) and talks about how nuts Gideon is. Suddenly he sees a paddleball toy on the floor and becomes more interested in it than the story. Dipper’s confused at Bill when suddenly he snaps his fingers and they are freefalling in midair. Bill goads Dipper into entering Stan’s mind with him to fight before flying away on the giant floating Stan Head. Dipper hits the ground and suddenly wakes up.

He believes it to be a dream then see’s a message on his hand, “See you in your nightmares! -Bill” and as Dipper looks down on arm, he sees more writing, “Also, look what I did to your other hand!” Dipper looks on his other hand to see a crudely drawn turkey. Dipper’s wonders what the hell just happened.




Several season 2 backgrounds are shown. The original shot of the shack is now much more detailed and colorful. We also see a shot of the Shack at night with a glow that appears to eminate from below.

Both Wendy’s and Robbie’s Room is shown. Wendy’s is the night shot you may have seen before while Robbie’s is a dark dank pit of a room. Messy with a blacklight. On a pillow on his bed, written in invisible ink, it says “In the rain, tears can’t be seen” and has Wendy’s name as well.

Mysterious government type locations such as a loading area and control panel similar to what was seen in Irrational Treasure with the man behind the mic giving Blubbs and Durland orders. Also, a control panel with a glowing symbol on it similar to the one under the Shack that is marked with Stan’s tattoo.

The Northwest Mansion. Sits along a hill top. Revealed to have it’s own history to be revealed, probably with the soothing voice of Nathon Fillion who plays Pacifica’s father.

A redesign library and a wall of artifacts that are all eye related. Probably located in the museum. They also showed more of the attic of the Shack as well as some motel covered in snow that is “far, far away from the Shack.” It’s finished up with showing us Stan’s room along with the information that “Stan has lived a lhard life and has made a lot of mistakes.”

Then a scene from the second episode of season 2, Into the Bunker. Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy are at the tree located near where the journal was found. Wendy notices a weird branch that looks like a lever. As Dipper turns around and begins plotting a way to reach it, Wendy uses her lumberjack skills to climb and activate the switch. Rumbling is heard as she falls and a secret pathway is revealed leading under the tree into a secret bunker.

You can see that clip on our YouTube 

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