• spoilers ** my stuff carol Rooney Mara anon request cate blanchett gif request sigh. carol aird therese belivet The Price of Salt film: carol carolspoilers this scene murders me and it is my favorite. carol's vulnerability. therese all emotional at the end. UGH. also i legitimately never noticed before that they both tug each others' hair so R I P ME dailyplanets •

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my graphics NCIS tiva Tony x Ziva mine: ncis no really but can we talk about how this is the most painfully rewarding arc in the history of this ship? as an audience you see it from both sides so you simultaneously want to hug them and then knock their heads together he literally risked his career for her and she can't understand it because up until now she has never had somebody like that in her life she hasn't yet realised that this is the man in whom she places all of her trust. can we look at that third gif for a second? there has physically never been that distance between them. even when other characters are in the middle they'll usually gravitate inwards in that scene they're pushing away from each other like the space physically hurts me i can't talk about it anymore because it feels so unnatural they are in so much pain and they can't fix it and it hurts but it hurts SOOOO good because you know when that catharsis comes... they will be stronger they will be unbreakable
my stuff anne hathaway les miserables Fantine les mis film les mis spoilers ok i bet someone has already done this much better than me but goddamn i love this scene thats one of my favorite lines in the show and anne does it so well the way she crawls forward and stares straight into the camera we get such a good look at all of her hatred and loathing
sungyeol request~ jooooya i'm sorry this is kind of rushed but i'm a little sleepy and idk what i'm doing lol idk if you guys've noticed but his red hair is my favorite this is why i never edit pictures because i suck at it sorry ;;
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supernatural negl i couldnt take this scene seriously at all it was so k-drama omg until u guys brought up wing hugs that did it for me....... did anyone else get SO WEIRDED OUT THAT CAS GOT A HUG I WAS LIKE AM I WATCHING THE RIGHT SHOW?? ? spoilers ? what is the etiquette again what day is it does anyone /not/ know about the hug jgfh i just noticed i colored cas's scrub pants into his old slacks MY HABITS
** delena elena gilbert damon salvatore otp: damon and elena tv: the vampire diaries . I will never recover the way they look at each other things tvd needs: lights ok it was supposed to be only elena's face but his face is killing me too so omg i love this moment so much you have no idea and i agree with that quote so i had to put it too
television epilepsy warning gif warning the legend of korra Avatar the Legend of Korra *subtitles Pabu Bolin this is how conversations with my cats go they generally begin with me shouting I FEED YOU AND I CLEAAAAN YOUR POOO YOU UNGRATEFUL FELINS YOU COULD AT LEAST PRETEND TO LISTEN TO ME and end with them looking at me puzzled and maybe they also try to tear my eyes off but that's not relevant now is it this gifset exists because of pabu I really do not give a crap about the real love stuff but pabu's perplexity is beautiful
Larry Stylinson lourry hario and louigi i just had to talk about my thoughts on this
request POA severus snape ;__; remus lupin one of my favorite moments of the movie coloring this scene made me cry...so i had to give up
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