• IS CAS HOLDING DEAN’S HAND????????? spoilers supernatural I NEED A CLIFF tell me i'm just hallucinating theplushbear •


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Let me tell you a story...
In 1973 a young man rolled off the lot of Rainbow Motors with a 1967 Chevy Impala to surprise his girlfriend This car was nothing special but years later it came to be what their son would ride to preschool in.. what that boy’s mother would ride to the hospital in, and come back with his bab...
mine supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spn spoilers spnedit devil may care in which sam winchester makes me want to throw myself off a cliff
When is someone going to tell Cas that it’s okay to want to be with Dean?
you know who’d be able to help sam and dean out with what language that arthur guy was chanting? bobby.
1k * supernatural dean winchester gifs* Jensen Ackles supernatural* spnedit i know it looks disgusting you dont need to tell me
  • Faerie Queen:And now that you have proven yourself in front of my entire court, saving my life and the lives of my gentry, I will grant you a boon. Ask any question, and you shall have your answer--even if I must take leave of my throne and quest to grant you satisfaction.
  • Me:Was My Immortal written as a joke or was the author serious??
Deepika Padukone bollywood mygifs* ranveer singh toxicreations DeepVeer zee cine awards 2014 a things can you tell I'm having withdrawals from seeing them together at award functions? but how cute is him nudging her like that and they just look so pretty sigh rsdp the nudge is just too cute and it gave me feels and yes I need to go to sleep or something because lbr arjun would do that too wow I'm a mess of feels tonight sigh
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madebyme Uncharted nathan drake richard armitage theoakenshield but i don't know nate drake pls tell me unchartedcast i might cast the other characters i'm not just casting richard as nate because i adore richard but because look ta him he looks like nate he could do the things nate does and just i tihnk he'd be perfect if anyone has any ideas for the other people i need suggestions