• spoilers video games it's so good queueball The Banner Saga let me tell you this game is so beautiful michelle makes stuff banner saga stoic studios the banner saga spoilers michelles gif peanutbutter when it's full screen it's like HUURHEHHGUH thezhenger •
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The Banner Saga: Godstones

the banner saga is a really fantastic game i started playing recently! it was just released a few weeks ago i believe and it’s a beautiful viking legend based RPG. from what ive played so far it’s kind of like a hardcore oregon trail only with more mythical lore and turn-based combat. also your decisions have way larger ramifications than just mary getting dysentery and dying   

Check it out! 

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books :') the twilight saga because hs~ bless these books I don't care if you don't like it my love for this saga it's infinite okay?! abooks*
** Chicago Blackhawks [[found this on reddit so tell me if it's yours and i'll credit]] [[legit teared up when i watched this]]
  • me rewatching merlin:LET THE MOTHERFUCKING DRUID BOY DIE
Thai Hunhan shippers are really enthusiastic, they made a banner with the words 'SEHUN-LUHAN JUST MA...
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my gifs robert pattinson kristen stewart ugh edward cullen Bella Swan twilight saga I know bella cullen THIS IS SO UGLY but forgive it's my first time okay btw this gifset take me a lot of time thanks for the pop etc speak up video btw otp forevis
once upon a time 1k plus ouat Rumbelle ouat spoilers ouatedit mine: gif[3] mine: ouat[3] otp: his heart is true ugh babies and this is just beautiful because like imagine if rumple were to actually die before belle got her memories back (not like it's going to happen but hypothetically) but when belle wakes up she would remember this she would remember that her true love was the only one who was honest with her she would remember that as he lay dying his thoughts were of her - and of how much he loved her and it's just . . . even if he were alive when she gets her memories back that means so much not just to him but to her too because the supposed most evil man to ever live was the only one who was true and honest to her and that's just so beautiful
gif cute movies omg robert downey jr iron man tony stark ship gif set comics fandom joss whedon avengers hulk bruce banner mark ruffalo science bros stanner Why the fuck is this movie so full of Science Bros
my gifs spoilers wreck it ralph wreck it ralph spoilers wir spoilers this scene kills me every time I think about or listen to the music or see it and you know i'm like crying my eyes out every time not because it's sad but the fact that this ending is SO satisfying and everyone is so happy and especially these two because they deserved it the most and while vanellope got to race ralph went back to his game but it was his choice and he's happy and you know that he's happy and she's happy and they're both happy that they're happy and it's just SO MUCH HAPPINESS THAT IT KILLS YOU and the fact that this movie started on a kind of low note and ends with Ralph's smile is just the most wonderful thing because he's back at where he started but he has a whole new perspective and that's what made his life better I think this is one of the best endings to a film you're just SO HAPPY GRAAAAAAAAAAAGH
my gifs robert pattinson kristen stewart Twilight new moon edward cullen Bella Swan eclipse bella cullen BD2 BD1 tumblr is bitchin me with the number of the caps fuck you error uploading i like 1:1 caps okay? lemme be happy btw this color isn't pretty that's what u get when you try to color twilight saga with the same psd
gif spoilers mine Aang korra spoilers the legend of korra but i did wan lok kyoshi roku lok spoilers kuruk yangchen I WILL NEVER stress stress stress i mADE A THING!! it's been so long since i've had stuff omg i'm so sorry school is killing me atm and my exams are coming up idk why i did the invert thing also whyyyy did this have to happen?? i will not accept this as canon
banner the story so far tssf myshit