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Cole Sprouse describing how he orgasms when he masturbates.

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I shouldn’t have laughed this hard. ilysm Cole
sprouse cole sprouse coletureconcept
can i put “was test subject in a sociology experiment” on my resume
Cole was our friend and he betrayed us HE WAS OUR FRIEND
without him tumblr just seems so coled
My film teacher was talking today about how they used twins so they could get twice as many hours out of child actors. When he brought up Cole Sprouse there was a collective hiss from the back of the room.
sprouse cole sprouse cole coletureconcept
How to become Cole Sprouse in 10 easy steps
Be an adorable twin Become a well-known child star who everyone adores Disappear for a bit Grow your hair out Completely change careers Show up on tumblr and act like nothing happened Eat fetuses Become a starfish Read Homestuck Don’t give an ounce of a fuck
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cole sprouse coletureconcept
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