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sirius and james being facebook married

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sirius and james being facebook married
Sirius fell behind the veil; but before his body hit the ground, a set of strong and familiar hands caught him.  
Lily, James and Sirius moving into a flat in muggle London together after graduating.Sirius making Lily paint every wall a different color with him because he grew up in Grimmauld place, where everything was grey, but now the walls can be whatever color he wants.“This seems like a lousy idea.&...
  • Harry:James Sirius Potter, you were named after two of the greatest pranksters that ever lived
  • James Sirius:Cool
  • Meanwhile in heaven
  • Lily:(sighs)
You know who would have never believed that Sirius could be a traitor even if he was unaware of the change in secret keepers? An incredibly dead James who was sleeping beneath the snow before he was 23
headcanons: * sirius being oddly advanced at transfiguration, despite spending mcgonagall’s entire classes running his hands up remus’ leg * remus only being inarticulate when sirius has his shirt unbuttoned * sirius dragging james through hogsmeade to find remus a valentines and not knowing wha...
Sirius Black who shakes when the sorting hat is placed on his head, and asks for anything but Slytherin, and he doesn’t know, but it was never even a consideration.Eleven year old Sirius who gets bad dreams about his parents, and the sorting, and his family, and his little brother, and dark ma...
what actually happened on the hogwarts express in 1971 between james and sirius: “who the fuck are you?” “who the fuck are you?” “i asked you first” “i asked you second” “i’m sirius black. cheerleader, part time model”
"WHO are you making out with," james will demand seventh year, loudly, betrayed bc sirius has not told him and there are HICKEYS on his NECK. "i keep looking on the map but all i ever see u do is hanging out while remus studies in that empty transfiguration class room, what the heck man."
Why Sirius Black is So Important
From a purely utilitarian point-of-view, Sirius is not the person who does the most for Harry. He’s also reckless, far from a perfect role model, and has enough latent issues to play mental health bingo. But he’s the one adult in Harry’s life that prioritizes Harry’s safety and happiness ov...
Remus: Are you going home for the holidays? Peter: Yeah, all the family is coming over.James: Of course. What about you, Moony? Remus: Yes, my parents insist. Are you staying here, Padfoot? Sirius: Yea-James: No, Sirius is going home too. Mum and dad have already put up his Christmas stocking. 
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