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Why Sirius Black is So Important
From a purely utilitarian point-of-view, Sirius is not the person who does the most for Harry. He’s also reckless, far from a perfect role model, and has enough latent issues to play mental health bingo. But he’s the one adult in Harry’s life that prioritizes Harry’s safety and happiness ov...
Remus: Are you going home for the holidays? Peter: Yeah, all the family is coming over.James: Of course. What about you, Moony? Remus: Yes, my parents insist. Are you staying here, Padfoot? Sirius: Yea-James: No, Sirius is going home too. Mum and dad have already put up his Christmas stocking. 
  • Sirius:[holding a kitten] I found it.
  • James:People find knuts. Or quills. Or four-leaf clovers.
  • Sirius:And kittens. You're just jealous 'cause you didn't find one too.
  • James:What if I implement a no-pets policy in the room?
  • Sirius:Well, hell, man, you can't just throw out Peter like that.
  • James:You stupefied Filch!?
  • Peter:Stop yelling at me! You're the ones who got caught!
  • James:You're the one who's yelling!
  • Remus:We're in big trouble! We have to do something!
  • Peter:I don't know what to do, my whole brain is crying!
  • Sirius:Guys, guys, guys! I have an idea. Okay, it may sound a little weird, but trust me.
  • [five minutes later]
  • *the marauders lay on the ground with Filch as he regains consciousness*
  • ...
So back in the eighth grade (a good eight years ago) I thought of this scenario where the Marauders wanted to find a loophole for the ‘No students out of bed at night” rule. And I came to the conclusion that they would absolutely sit on their beds and levitate them throughout the corridors so that t...
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