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And if you think, 
I haven’t noticed-
The change in your voice, 
Or the difference in your eyes-
When I am around,
You are mistaken. 

We were like two stars, 
Never Moving and Constantly burning out,
The possibility that we could fall at anytime.
And I’d like to blame it on a gust of wind-
As to why you left me here by myself.  

I guess some things change, 
And thats the worst part of all, 
I was so certain that you and I-
We could save this place-
And save ourselves but-
I was mistaken.

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And if you think, I haven’t noticed-The change in your voice, Or the difference in your eyes-When I am around,You are mistaken.  We were like two stars, Never Moving and Constantly burning out,The possibility that we could fall at anytime.And I’d like to blame it on a gust of wind-As to ...
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danyelles poem
danyelles poem
I don’t think any man will ever want to put his hands-on my thighs, or put his lips-on mine, because I am-infected, and i am-broken. And how could-any man want someone,who doesn’t even want-themselves. 
danyelles poem
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