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Black female athletes who keep making US history.

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So here's what I've found about the NAACP bombing today
-NAACP office in Colorado Springs was bombed at 11am today -no one was hurt, but part of the building is burned -no mainstream news has covered this, even though suspect is still missing -here’s the official description of the suspect: "The FBI said it is looking for a person of interest, described...
Make no mistake:
MILLENIALS shut down New York City tonight. The majority of the crowd was organized and comprised of young people of every color between the ages of 18 and 28. They were educated, organized and smart. They led thousands to shut down the damn West Side Highway. We’re here. We give a shit. And w...
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Ironically, the people who insist on saying ‘All Lives Matter’ don’t realize that the goal of saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ is to eventually make 'All Lives Matter’ a true statement.
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Don't shout #Black Lives Matter if it only applies to straight cis black males!
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