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Black female athletes who keep making US history.

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16 Year Old Black Girl Died in Custody in Louisville
16-year old Gynnya McMillen died in a juvenile detention center in Kentucky and her family is getting no answers and very little response from authorities. This message came from her sister:“I’m asking that everyone repost and share my sisters story on your pages and in any groups that will help us...
A North Palm Beach church that supports the Black Lives Matter movement was vandalized.
A glass-enclosed sign outside the First Unitarian Universalist Church promoting a planned sermon Sunday on Black Lives Matter was broken into and a paper sign with the word “WHITE” was glued over the word “BLACK.”“It tells us that we’re touching on something in our community that’s making people fee...
New research shows that black students are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems when their teachers are black. However, for instance Black male teachers represent only 2% of all public school teachers in America. Lack of representation leads to a bias against Black teachers and as a result ...
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When I say, “abolish the police,” I’m usually asked what I would have us replace them with. My answer is always full social, economic, and political equality, but that’s not what’s actually being asked. What people mean is “who is going to protect us?” Who protects us now? If you’re white and well-o...
stay woke black lives matter
stay woke black lives matter end white supremacy
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What people really mean when they say “all lives matter”
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