• stay woke pony boy i saw this on twitter and cried rcah •

stay woke pony boy

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stay woke pony boy
mine: parks and rec cha: ronfswanson i cried and cried and cried when i first saw this ugh ronald
Personal i just saw this on twitter and im fucking choking
I saw this on twitter and I don't know if someone put it on tumblr yet but everyone needs to see this
20k garbage lms if u want a relationship like this i saw this on twitter and laughed so hard i choked on my egg sandwich
i saw this on twitter
mine 10k 40K i saw this on twitter and literally laughed out loud i can't
my gifs new girl television Jess Day Nick Miller gifset 1000notes casterly might as well get this one out of the way early i was crying well not literally crying but on the inside also terabithia was the first zooey movie i ever saw lol and yes i cried
Niall Horan i just saw this pic on twitter so i saved it and posted it ive also never seen it haha
Types of kisses and their meaning
Forehead: FriendshipClosed Eyelids: ThankfulnessTip of nose: Good luckCheek: Happy to see youLips: LoveEarlobe/Neck: “I want you” , Lust, DesireTop of hand: Respect, loyaltyComputer screen: I love you but I can’t ever have you (because you’re not real) 
brazilian kids playing jump rope with homeless dog (????) ?...