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Incubus  Make Yourself
“Stellar” by Incubus Lyrics
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Incubus  Make Yourself
Stellar | Incubus
Stellar honestly open up about why they had no choice but to go the sexy route
When Kpop fans hear the name Stellar, their first thought is not of the cute and quirky concept that the girls debuted with, but rather the provocatively sexy concepts that created immense buzz, and of course, backlash.Stellar made their debut in 2011, but it wasn’t really until 2014 that th...
UPDATE: The mother of Sylvain posted a new tweet saying that she was speaking on her own accord without consulting Sylvain himself. According to the tweet, Sylvain respects all forms of art of his OC, regardless of content. So if you were planning on drawing something involving his OC, go ahead! Bro...
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