• antis: stereks should realize that dylan and hoechlin would be SO weird out doing romantic/touching ... Sterek hobrien lmao and this is just one thing they keep touching and being close to each other they has been more licking and kissing and hugging and sleepovers or holding hand stereka •

antis: stereks should realize that dylan and hoechlin would be SO weird out doing romantic/touching scenes i mean-

dylan and hoechlin:


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antis: stereks should realize that dylan and hoechlin would be SO weird out doing romantic/touching scenes i mean-dylan and hoechlin:
johnlock sherlock bbc tjlc otp: i know you for real i'm crying because they just don't move a muscle for almost two seconds touching each other's hand holding it with love for one last time johnk thinking 'i can't say i'm in love with him but i still can touch him and try to express my feelings' 'even tho he will never notice because he's not in love with me' and sherlock thinking 'i can't confess my feelings i'm going to die in six months i don't want to break his heart again and he has mary' 'just let me take his hand one more time and touch his bare skin' IM DISSIPATING IN THE EAST WIND AS WE SPEAK
Teenage Dirtbag, Loved You First, Live While We're Young
One Direction 
Liam changing the lyrics of the songs to something related to Niall in Teenag...
* k Teen Wolf Sterek *tw otp: sterek i've had this headcanon for a long time where somewhere down the road scott agrees that him working as derek's pack is the only way to defeat the alpha pack and allison trails along and tries to come to a truce with derek because neither of them want anyone there to die and isaac comes to derek and is like 'i know it took me a while but i'm here so just tell me what you need' and boyd and erica nod along because running away didn't help anything and because erica is alive okay jackson and lydia refuse to officially be under anyone else's power but they enjoy the thrill of being on the winning side and their bet is on this pack so they stick around most of the time and stiles stiles is the only one who never needed to say anything he demands that they have official pack meetings and he shows up to every one and derek tries not to look surprised every time he walks into the loft but his face has always betrayed him and this is no different but pack meetings mean that derek has to stand in front of all of them and offer plans and strategies and even though he has a habit of lecturing teenagers one-on-one this just isn't his forte he was never meant to lead people this way and 95 percent of the plans are stiles' anyway that he's letting derek take credit for so the first time he's sort of just choked up and they're all staring at him expectantly and he doesn't know how to say that they picked the wrong alpha and he's not clever enough to keep them all alive but stiles walks up next to him and starts explaining what each of their jobs is and then he grabs derek's hand and squeezes it and derek lifts his chin and finishes explaining the plan and in the biggest plot twist of derek's life it works flawlessly and they defeat the alpha pack and the next friday they all show up at the loft anyway and erica's just like 'well are we getting this pack meeting started or what?' and scott's like 'i only said until the alphas were gone so if i'm going to be here you better have pizza' and derek clears his throat to suppress a grin and they all pretend not to notice when stiles holds his hand throughout every pack meeting from then on long after derek stops being so unsure of himself and waiting for them all to leave him without looking back
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen a* arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity i really hope the op doesn't mind me reusing their gif idea!!!! it's the first time i've been ~inspired~ by someone else's work and i hope they won't be annoyed i just couldn't help thinking that this quote was so so so perf for olicity ugh THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER like come on they've already kissed a million times in their heads and ever since we found out they actually filmed a kiss it's just made me anticipate seeing one even more oh god (even though i think they were right to leave it out - it's way too soon for olicity to be kissing!) i'm just excited to see more of their development next season akshdjsdhf especially considering felicity is apparently going to get a love interest?! jealous!oliver YES PLEASE wow this tags ramble has gotten off topic ok nvm just enjoy another gifset of olicity gazing at each other [puts chin on hand] [sighs lovingly]
edit being human tom mcnair hal x tom being human uk hal yorke being human bbc yep my favourite pastime is going to be making gifs for fandom that no longer exists from now on because remember when i said new team does not grow on me well it kinda did and i'm having massive situation and way to go what a timing haha no mostly these two happened and i fell a victim of obnoxious queerbaiting it's not about having issues with alex and her appearing a bit out of the blue and being practically forced on hal (their whole random flirting/bonding/sniffing each other in puppy love forever remains wtf situation to me but it's partially exactly about this because we saw tom and hal bonding for quite some time and going through so much together before she came (unlike george and mitchell yes they were so close before they met annie but we don't see this we are thrown in the middle of their forming bonds with annie and this feels right and complete and natural and we fall in love with all three of them together) with alex she comes when things are built and shaped and solid whuch she can never possibly become a part of it's tomxhalxannie legacy of intimate personal memories that's why she has always been an addition to me nevery fully integrated and always annie's replacement i'm forever angry boys didn't go through proper mourning of annie that they randomly jumped into this trio (tho they never really managed to become this to me) and forever angry that writers did such an amazing job with bonding tomxhal and refused to go this one step further it's not about stupid shipping of ppl who bicker with each other like a good old marriage at the same time being so loyal and devoted and protective of each other learning so many lessons from each other and growing up together or maybe it's exactly about this? yay i'm being obnoxious passive aggresive ranter now so i shall go no one's intersted anyway
* how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson barney x robin do they? do they have another box now? did they fill that storage unit with other memories? their wedding album and pictures from their honeymoon definitely sex tapes and recordings from every one of robin's interviews as a foreign correspondent cause you just know barney has recorded them all is robin's wedding dress there? cigars they never got around to smoke together? and gadgets from every one of the awesome and ridiculously intricate surprises they gave each other do they go there sometimes when they miss each other? when they miss what could've been? when they want to pretend nothing's changed just for a little while? do they run into each other on their anniversary? do they sit together for a while digging up old pictures feeling like husband and wife again like they never stopped?
mine Teen Wolf au Sterek mine: gifset mine: fic mine: au sinyhale dylanships stilinskisparkles thank you becky for looking over this for me!
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MY EDIT the walking dead carl grimes chandler riggs Emily Kinney beth greene twdedit Violence cw gore cw idk idk i don't understand?? the potential of this bonding just dropped on the way??? two children utterly innocent naive pure children so brutally and abruptly   scarred by life by this almost war trauma carrying so many burdens: survivor's guilt violation of innocence that spiral of violence they're thrown into over and over   again they bear the same wounds they can compare scars and in this they can heal in this they can remind each other what childhood used to be have you noticed her smiling as openly as expressively as warmly with anyone else more than she did with him and have you noticed him more playful more cocky in this disarmingly childish around anyone else but her? they are each other's reminder what being a child is what being innocent is and how they didn't lose it not entirely they could heal they could mend they could learn to live together again driving each other's strength humanity and compassion beth is like judy's mom really HER SMELL HER VOICE HER CLOSENESS everything judith will   suboconsciously associate with childhood can we talk about what a magnificent unit they could be when future comes and carl is going to be the leader and beth by his   side healer counsellor the most trustworthy: THE DEAREST and judith like sister like daughter in this they keep humanity heart and empathy but they were all born into war into fight into being soldiers first and foremost they haven't forgotten how to be steel how to fight how to endure but by being by each other's side always they are soldiers never outside humanity never outside values never outside live
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