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Smoky Quartz - this was a 3rd pass on Smoky’s design, incorporating ideas from Danny, Paul, Raven, Lauren, Hilary, and Kat, (I had also worked with Lamar and Katie on some earlier concepts) Raven suggested small hands for Smoky, which I got really excited about. I tend to give everyone huge hands, or long hands, so I love tiny hands on Smoky!

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“nurishment”im not fixing it
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People have already theorized that more than one being exists for each gemstone; meaning, there are many pearls, many amethysts, many rubies and sapphires, etc.If only ONE being existed for each kind of gemstone, even if there are thousands of kinds, Homeworld would barely have enough hands to run t...
I’m seeing a lot posts saying Pearl was in love with Rose and that they had a relationship based on how devoted to her Pearl was, but I don’t think thats the case. Pearl my have loved Rose, but I don’t think it was in a romantic sense. I keep looking back to this scene in particular from “Rose’s Sca...
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