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Tony Stark dressing up as Cap for Halloween as a child in Avengers Assemble and in Vl3 of Iron Man as an adult.

Some things never change. 

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stevetony stevetony panels :'D ahhh good things...
iSNT IT GREAT how you can ignore all of canon and just rely on amazing fanfic authors to write stories that develop ur fav characters into people you want to see them become in canon and make out with the other character u want to see them make out and be gross and romantic with gosh
GIF3 tony stark Steve Rogers stevetony tonysteve f: marvel this is basically newer versions of old things I made in a smaller format yay for laziness!
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tony teasing steve and he starts jokingly leaning in all slow and expects steve to grin and shove him away or ask what he’s doing but steve just goes quiet and still and suddenly neither of them are laughing anymore and tony starts internally freaking out and stops like half an inch away from steve’...
tony stark Steve Rogers Marvel superhusbands Stony stevetony but that's okay this is basically a redraw of that other one though i love drawing things like this u_u animating schmanimating
robert downey jr rdj Chris Evans guys Stony stevetony if you know what i mean cevans i can not answer things in public
tony stark Steve Rogers stevetony CAP x TONY *g2 aksldm idk feel free to add good dialogue I'm no writer
tony stark Steve Rogers avengers because i can stevetony my fanart we'll see why am i tagging this stevetony merr holdays erryone maybe ill draw a proper stevetony thing later