• the worst thing in the world is when harry is talking and he can’t fucking help but to start f... STOP DOING THAT HARRY IT MAKES ME WANT TO DESTROY SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL riseofthematriarchy •

the worst thing in the world is when harry is talking and he can’t fucking help but to start fucking smiling and he licks his lips and his dimple pops out and he starts smirking and you want to fucking die

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HAHAHAH tvd caroline forbes sighs jfc i just **** klaroline i hate them ha ha ha klaus mikaelson *cries* HAHAHAHAHAHAH i hate you both so much /so done/ /overcooked/ the contrast between light and dark someone get them away from me they are the worst hE ONLY CARES ABOUT HER i cant stop laughing bc it hurts so much ~that little burn at the end was necessary tho~ makes it all that much more beautiful actually ~next week i expect alice to have purchased my tomb stone *stands up* *goes to corner of room*
I love making people smile. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something right.
This is your daily reminder that self-indulgence can be a form of self-care. That ‘because it makes me feel better’ is a completely valid reason to do something. That if something makes you happy then it is not pointless or a waste of time. That if doing something makes you feel better t...
gif Harry Styles lmao atiqah idk what this is things that makes me want to kms i'm just going with the flow
1k myedit frank iero my chemical romance the fact that this has 1k makes me want to puke i made it on befunky.com
elena gilbert damon salvatore mine[4] god idek first time i make something like this
gif Harry Styles themed
Harry Styles my edits i'm crying NO NO NO STOP BEING SO PERFECT please no i want to hug you rn but you don't know how much i want that hug i'm sensible and you aren't here to kiss me and cuddle me and watch romantic movies ilysm bby
beauty blood broken boy bones anorexic b bullying actions shine you are beautiful chance bulimic jamey rodemeyer rest in peace bullies bi Thirteen Reasons Why butterfly project Anon hate I can help One more day Stop all this hate You are irreplaceable You're killing each other You're never alone animosity anonymous hate apathetic before I fall
analysis httyd toothless hiccup My analysis forbidden friendship httyd analysis
bbc sherlock Radio art or something along that line I'm too lazy to color this so just black and white again and oh god I don't want to fix this anymore so I'm leaving it as it is /despite seeing so many mistakes ugrh grugruhrgruh
doctor who amy pond karen gillan matt smith Eleven my otp is beautiful eleven/amy by*ks everything makes me want to cry he loved her so much it is physically painful to watch ok