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Blood Red Lips

By Jack G (awaiting link to tumblr url)

Warning: This story contains a hint of gore

She always had this lipstick on, this ruby red lipstick that encapsulated the impression that she gave off, at least that she gave off to me. See, her outfits changed daily and I often wondered whether she washed her clothes as I never seemed to see the same item of clothing on her twice. However, the one thing that never changed were how they made her look; graceful, elegant and above all, dangerous. I can’t say she was Hollywood-standard beautiful; she was a little chubby, her hair was short and messy, her make-up was smudged more often than not, with dark circles under her eyes and a flicker of that mesmerising lipstick above or below her lips. To me, this just made her more enchanting.

I’d love to be able to say that the first time I spoke to her was under a stormy sky, or some other dramatic weather that would complete the pathetic fallacy of the moment. However, it was your standard grey Wednesday morning, with a chilled breeze that makes you wish your coat would zip up that little bit tighter. She sat next to me on the bus, and I turned and smiled at her as she sat down. She glanced at me and smiled back. That smile sticks in my mind; it seemed almost… predatory. I must be a masochist or something, because that just drew me in further. “That lipstick makes you seem like you could kill a man.” I joked, feebly; what would she care about my opinion of her make-up? However, instead of snubbing my dumb comment, she laughed. “How do you know I haven’t?”

Her name was Evanna, she told me. I said my name was Liam, stuttering and seeming the most awkward man on the planet next to her easy confidence. She turned to face me, glancing up and down at me as she did so. Despite the fact that I was wearing a shabby grey hoodie and some formless baggy jeans, my appearance didn’t make her turn away in disgust of my lack of style. I guess she knew that she had enough of that for the both of us. I told her I’d seen her on this bus before a few times. She smiled, and said she’d seen me looking at her before. Electric ran through my veins; how do I save this now? Now that she knows that you’ve been looking at her, now that she knows that you’re a creep? Clearly this feeling of shocked horror showed on my face, as she laughed and said “Don’t worry; I was looking back most of the time.” I chuckled weakly, and stammered “Hope you like what you’ve seen.” She smiled that same smile again in answer.

Evanna and I continued to speak on the bus for the next few weeks, small talk usually on my behalf, questions on hers. Where did I work, what did I like to do, who my friends were. Of course I answered; by this point the tendrils of Evanna were entangled through my brain and I’d have given her anything she asked. I was infatuated, that intense feeling of desire that so many teenagers mistake for love. Despite my dorky looks, my obvious lack of anything resembling cool, and my half-terror of fucking up every time she looked at me, I actually thought I had a chance here. Evanna got on the bus two stops after me, so it was down to her to choose to sit next to me. Which she did, everytime the seat beside me was free.  I asked after her as well, but she always dismissed my questions with a laugh and a look into my eyes that made me tremble. I didn’t mind; as I said, I was infatuated. Of course I wasn’t going to let something as small as shutting down every attempt I made to get to know about her ruin this tremulous friendship building.

A month after that first conversation, she asked me to get off at her stop.

I’d been at a job interview that day, so I was wearing my suit. Nothing expensive or particularly nice, just a standard black trousers, black blazer, white shirt combination. I was certain that this was why she had asked me to join her though. ‘He’s not looking like he crawled out of the gutter today,  maybe he’d like a drink’. She led me by the hand down a kind of dilapidated street, saying nothing when I spluttered out “So you live down here?” just smiling and continuing to lead me. Of course I had internal warfare over what a stupid question I’d asked. She took me to a faded blue door about three-quarters of the way through the street and took me inside. It was not at all what I expected her to live in. From her constantly changing wardrobe, I’d thought she was quite wealthy, but the house was in tatters. Torn up wallpaper, bare wooden floors that hadn’t even heard of a broom. I sat down warily on a creaking wooden dining chair while she got herself a glass of water.

“So, uhm, what do you wanna do?”

She turned towards me and smiled. Not her usual half-mouthed smirk, but a full, toothy grin. Her teeth were weird. They seemed too thin, almost too long for her mouth, and they shone like polished pearls.

“I was thinking of getting something to eat, personally.”

As she leapt on me, I remember thinking that she’d said her very first clichéd phrase. Of course, it was better to think about that than about the fact that I’d shat myself in front of the girl I’d hoped to seduce. See, the weirdest thing about the entire thing, weirder than the fact that she was currently gnawing through the arteries in my neck, was that it barely fazed me. I accepted it as just another quirk of this beautiful girl. Afterwards, as she climbed off of me and I began to fade away into the abyss, I saw her wipe my blood from her face.

Except for on her lips; she just used that to replenish the slightly faded red.


“That weird girl I was telling you about got on the bus again today. I mean, she’s got some weird taste but I swear she was wearing the same suit as the guy she got off with yesterday.”

“Ah I’m sure you’re just imagining things Jim.”

“Yeah probably. Y’know, I think I have a bit of a thing for her. She’s got this magnetic thing about her.”

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