• strong cait hancock fallout 4 preston garvey nick valentine x6-88 playing survival mode on my stealth build is the most gratifying experience i have ever had the honor of enjoying OH FUCK YOU GUYS SENT ME A LOT OF REQUESTS ACTUALLY i'll get to those hold on g781 •

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I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEEEEEEELINGS I'M SO SORRY I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF I LOVE YOU ALL p.s. still not actually here pls don't hate me I'll respond to everyone I will I promise she calls her doll 'mini perrie' how is she not the most amazing person you've never met? she probably bought a tiny doll brush so she could make sure her and zayn's dolls keep their perfect coiffed look if i were her right now i'd be ignoring the real zayn in order to play with doll zayn 'let's take them on adventures through the house!' h e l p i'm in love zayn is days
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