• strong cait hancock fallout 4 preston garvey nick valentine x6-88 playing survival mode on my stealth build is the most gratifying experience i have ever had the honor of enjoying OH FUCK YOU GUYS SENT ME A LOT OF REQUESTS ACTUALLY i'll get to those hold on g781 •

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oh well long post : ( im sorry i have no art to post bc exams i have no 2014 drawing bc i don't know which one to put LOL SADLY I FEEL LIKE I HAVNET PROGRESSED MUCH THIS YEAR maybe bc ive kinda been stuck in a rut for half the year HOEPFULLI CAN WORK HARDER WHEN SCHOO:S OVER i deleted some of these all the face of the internet forever this was a lot longer than i expected omfg
(via The Mountain Goats “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero&...
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1k MY EDIT taylor swift single ts* cmas tswiftedit too grainy i was too lazy to make a proper edit
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