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Study Tips Tag Master-Post

I tag every study tip I reblog and like it, so there’s at least 1000 in there, so here’s a master-post.

If anyone would like their post(s) removed from the master-post just send me a message :)

Study Tips 1:
Notes, Studying and Self-Study Resources
Things NOT To Do When Studying
Revision Tips
Some Study Tips
20 things i’ve found out about studying in the last year (this blog does have autoplay)
How to Cram Efficiently 
Top 5 Study Tips
How to Study For an Exam
Learning How to Study
Exam Prep Tips
Study Tips From a lazy wannabe good student

Study Tips 2:
Tips for Studying Effectively
Studying Masterpost
21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know
Studying Advice
Library Studying Tips
Scientifically Proven Study Tips!
Studying with a bad memory
11 Studying Tips from Someone who Needs to Study More
Starting College on the Right Foot

Study Tips 3:
101 Study Tips
A Complete Guide to Studying Well
Giving Amazing Presentations
How to Do Well in Online Classes
All About Groupwork
How to Survive High School
Study Methods
13 Study Methods to Try This Year
Advice for A Levels

Essays and Homework
Essay Writing Help
Tips for In Class Essays
Proofreading Tips
Transition Words for Essays
Essay Writing Tips
How to Write an Essay
How to Prepare For a Timed Literature Essay
How to Write a University Level Essay
Essay Writing Masterpost

Anti-Procrastination Tips:
How to Defeat Procrastination
Starting to Study
Get Motivation to Study
Anti-Procrastination Masterpost
100 Reasons to Study
Motivation Tips

Planning & Timetables:
Planning Your Study Time
A Complete Exam Study Guide
How to Tackle a Big Project
Tips on Time Management
How to Establish a Good Study Routine
5 Habits of Organised Students
Guide to Time Management
10 Steps to Time Management
How to Improve your Productivity
Time Saving Ideas

Biology Note-Taking Method
Tips for Taking Efficient Notes in Class
How I Take Notes
A Visual Learner’s Guide to Textbook Note Taking
Annotations & Note-taking
Note taking Strategies & Skills
Cornell Note-taking
How to Use Sticky Notes
20 Uses for a Post It note
5 Tips for Mindmapping
Notetaking Masterpost
What is Mindmapping
27 Flashcard Apps and Websites
How I Organise Myself

Subject Related:
How Do I Study For ______
Art History/Studying People
Biology Resources
Biology Resource
My Revision for Biology
Some Tips for Calculus
Tips for Studying Chemistry
English Literature Masterpost
French Tips for Beginners
Language Learning Tips + Resources
Language Learning Masterpost
How to study for Math
Studying for Physics

(any more suggestions for these would be greatly appreciated- I couldn’t find any for the Humanities) 

AP Resources & Tips:
An Imperfect Guide on: AP Classes
Studying for AP Bio
Experiences & Tips for AP Classes

Study Music Masterpost
8tracks Playlists Masterpost
Spotify Playlists
Study Tunes
Instrumental Only
Study Background Music and Playlists
Study Music/White Noise

Confidence, Disabilities & Health:
How to Care Less about what Other People Think
6 scientifically proven ways to have a better day
Six Reasons Why You’re (going to be) Okay
How to Improve Your Confidence
Balancing Sleep and Education
81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford A Therapist
Studying With Depression
Surviving Uni as an Introvert
A Brief Guide to Talking to your Professors About your Chronic Illness/Disability
Tips for the Autistic College Student
All of my Spoonie Student Resources 
Avoiding Burnout
Trying to Relieve Stress
Studying When on your period
Small Self Care Masterpost
Set Yourself Up for a Good Day
Tips for Introverts
Stress Reduction


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Study Tips Tag Master-Post
I tag every study tip I reblog and like it, so there’s at least 1000 in there, so here’s a master-post.If anyone would like their post(s) removed from the master-post just send me a message :) Study Tips 1:Notes, Studying and Self-Study ResourcesThings NOT To Do When StudyingRevision TipsSome Study ...
whenever you're feeling unmotivated and sleepy:
• drink a big glass of water • fix your posture and sit up straight • do some stretches to get moving • take some deep breaths • straighten up the area you’re in a little bit • listen to some intense classical music or just some upbeat music! • get working! :)
study sounds masterpost
here are some of my favorite ambient noise tracks to play when studying. enjoy! (note: i did not create these, i just found them online)Harry Potter Hogwarts libraryHagrid’s hutSlytherin common roomGryffindor common roomHufflepuff common roomRavenclaw common roomGryffindor dorm/Christmas at Hogwarts...
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