• stupid drawings its not even a drawing its like typography idk whatevs i love u oshawott •
stupid drawings its not even a drawing its like typography idk whatevs i love u

because everybody needs to hear this every now and then 

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stupid drawings its not even a drawing its like typography idk whatevs i love u
drawings jack frost rotg jackson overland frost Rise of the Gaurdians its not even good but i was so angry about not being able to post it that i had to fucking do it im a stupid jackass pls ignore me
me drawing art heart drawings noose Dotwork the 1975 ross macdonald george daniel Matt Healy adam hann ive been feeling pretty shit about a few things lately and idk if its translating in my latest drawings but idk im so happy with my life but im just not happy don't you mind
mine 1000 ??? khiphop dumbfoundead parker DFD how do u even tag him idk but i dont think so but m:dfd tell me if its not tagged khiphop tho
LOL homestuck wow yes orphaner dualscar dualscar cronus ampora dualcro madcarnival I WANT HIS SHOES ITS SO LAME AND I PROCRASTINATED SO HArd its not even done LIKE AT ALL i got so lazy u can tell i dont give a shit about that background IM So ANGER it doesnt look how i wanted it to begin witH SO YEH hope u still enjoy its mainy cronus looking needy while dualscar just wants to eradicate his excuse of a prescratch self hah so much blackrom goin onhere and such shiny armor also cro with plush apple bottom uvu pressend in denim THIS IS GONNA BE A WIP FOREVER unless i redraw it sometime idk
can you believe there are still people who refuse to listen to one direction because they think every song sounds like wmyb
1k idk block B ukwon u kwon BlockB idk what I should call this edit its not quite a graphic and its not quite a screen cap either? but not a pale edit?? editcap
send me the name of a band or singer and ill answer like this:
favourite song: least favourite song: have i ever seen them live:  favourite band member: least favourite band member: how many of their albums i have: favourite album:  blog rate: 
i love it when people get rly excited about their OCs. You shouldn’t feel bad about loving your OCs or talking about your OCs, OCs are GREAT 
baby boy with his stupid redpink hair and his stupid painted nails and his stupid face and his stupid stupid cigarette idk who to credit so hmu if you do i found these in different blogs and i honestly don't even know if these are from an interview whatever its my tag i can put whatever i want in it
APH AMERICA aph england usuk RusAme aph russia Part its not much of a contest to alfred chicken nuggets are always first loves idk i dont even like usuk
Avatar atla bad ty lee Abby's drawings bluh every time i look at it its like wow its rly