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Peridot icons from “Log Date 7 15 2″ for a few people

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Some extras from her Percy x Pierre rant:


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Ama a los musicos por su trabajo, no por su cara.
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"El rey Leon" Se dice que la pelicula animada de Disney de 1994, esta basada en una verdadera histo...
La Mujer Fue creada de la costilla del hombre ;No de su cabeza para ser superada,Ni de sus pies para...
Steven Moffat promises a puzzling climax to Sherlock's third series
Sherlock’s executive producer Steven Moffat has promised fans that the climax to the glossy detective drama’s third series will leave them “just as frustrated as ever they were.” Speaking at the Bafta Craft awards held last weekend, the writer admitted that he and co-writer Mark Gatiss had already p...
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"Your OTP su-."
Dear Steven Moffat,
I’m sorry you felt the need to leave Twitter because of fan harassment. I won’t plead that you come back. You shouldn’t have to deal with that crap. But you have fans who still think you’re brilliant, who love your work and appreciate your continuation of a brilliant show, an...