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  • 17 year old Ed Sheeran :you never loved your stomach or your thighs. the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but i'll love them endlessly
  • 17 year old boys around me :ayo shawty whats poppin wanna ride on mah dick
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  • Teacher [in class]:Kise-kun, I know you copied from Aomine-kun. Almost all of your answers are the same.
  • Kise:It could be coincidence….?
  • Teacher:In the last question, Aomine-kun answered with “I don’t know.” and you wrote down “Me neither.”
I hope Rick Santorum actually wins the 2012 election, only to find that Obama’s final act as president was hiring Victor Baxter as head chef, so Rick will have to put up with the crazy antics of Cory Baxter and friends. Let’s see how he likes Cory in his house.
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joe dempsie life is not a song fUDSKF THANKU RITA FOR SHOWING ME THIS 'So hard.' gODS WHY
:( zayn casually caressing liams hair :(
I’m so hot I made a dragon come out of retirement.
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