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Was wondering if you could help get the word out about this.

This past weekend, on February 1, a fraternity at Duke University (my alma mater) called Kappa Sigma held an Asian-themed party called Asia Prime. The original invite (screen-capped above) includes the phrases ”Herro Nice Duke Peopre” and “Chank You.” Pictures from the event itself are also above. (More information here; student protest page here.)

Even more frustrating, fraternities at Duke has a history of hosting these sorts of offensive, insulting, marginalizing, dehumanizing themed parties, and a history of offering lame non-apologies for doing so.

Is this shit unbelievable, or is it unbelievable?

To all the privileged assholes I went to school with who told me that racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. were no longer a problem, especially on our college campus: What the hell were you talking about? Are you seeing this? Did we even go to the same school?

Here’s to hoping something will change here and on other college campuses too. In the meantime, please spread the word!

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  • I hear:I am really into fetishizing an unholy ideal of westernized geishas and school girls. I equate "light skinned east asian" with "the entire continent of asia" and I will never date a south east, south, or dark skinned east asian woman because "that's not really asian." Also, I will attempt to speak mangled Japanese at any Asian woman I see, in an attempt to be "Cultural" and worldly."
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  • When a white person says:I don't see race. WE ARE ALL EQUAL
  • I hear:I think I'm super hip because I have only read the first two lines of "I Have a Dream" and am a firm believer in erasing the wrongs of the past because I believe that everything is AWESOME now. Also, I want to use the n-word to sing along to Kanye.
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  • When a white person says:I think I need a spirit journey because I feel so...disconnected from the ENVIRONMENT
  • I hear:I really want pot to be legalized but also I want to appear deep, so I'm going to spout a whole bunch of nonsense involving stereotypes of Native American culture in an attempt to impress all my other white, hipster friends.
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