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Overview: This is a call for submissions from Asian American womxn, trans, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary, and queer people involved in punk.  This is an opportunity to discuss the many ways in which we participate in punk and how our identities and experiences shape what punk means to us.  We welcome persons from any Asian descent (including South Asian, West Indian, Afro-Asian, East Asian, West Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, hapa, and mixed).

Possible topics: How you got into punk, your definition of punk/what punk means to you, the failures of punk (as far as inclusion, representation, acceptance, etc), Asian identity, gender, queer and/or trans identity, model minority myth, loss (of language, of culture),  assimilation, microaggressions, racism, privilege, cultural appropriation, immigrant experience, feminism, sexism, activism, radicalism, relationships, family, food & recipes, music reviews, and much more!

- We accept text and image-based submissions
- This will be a half-size zine.  Keep submissions between 1-2 pages.
- Include a name and short bio the way you’d like it to be printed in the zine.  Otherwise, you can submit anonymously.

Please send submissions to:
aawipzine@gmail.com by April 30th, 2015
[ join the facebook group ]

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Submissions punk woman trans genderqueer zine asian american xk womxn
Hey friend!! Do you wanna make some cool punk as fuck, hot as fuck, queer as fuck art and have it featured and published?? Then look no further, this is a call for submission for a...
Would you let your kid be taught by a trans* person?
A couple of years from now, I will be a teacher.  My dad has told me I shouldn’t be out, because I’ll get thrown out of my teaching position by kids’ parents. So, kindly reblog to let me know if you would let your kid be taught by a trans* person.  I’m hoping to build some co...
"I don’t care about your gender! I like you for you!" Okay, but like, I care about my gender, so if you could support me in ways that don’t involve belittling my relationship with gender, that’d be great
want to change your name for free?
apply for civil indigent status! trans* people (especially trans women of color) are usually in the lowest socioeconomic bracket. even if we’re employed, we usually need to do/buy extra things to feel comfortable with ourselves. surgery costs thousands of dollars, new wardrobes can cost hundr...
Trans Day of Visibility (Mar. 31) Masterpost
International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual holiday occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide. The holiday was founded by Michigan-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall in 2009 as ...
tdov it me trans day of visibility
Disliking a trans or nonbinary individual does not mean you get to misgender them as if correct pronouns are a privilege that only nice trans people get to have.
Support and defend nonbinary teenagers who are exploring their gender. Do not put the burden of cis ignorance and misunderstanding on their shoulders. Nonbinary kids creating new words and new pronouns are NOT responsible for cis people’s transphobia.
There is no one way to be genderqueer.  Style your hair how you want, choose your own name, wear what makes you comfortable, demand your pronouns be used, wear makeup or don’t, shave or don’t. It’s up to you.  If it’s not safe for you to be yourself yet, this post is for you ...
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The magical thing about being bigender is that I can go from this to this With almost zero effort at this point, which I think is almost as good as being a magical girl.