• @zayn :(((( success im so sad rn gayforzendaya •

@zayn :((((


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poking fun at people who want attention is really fucking debilitating because 99% of the time you’re talking about people who don’t have good homes and don’t have people paying attention to them on a regular basis. 99% of the time you’re making fun of mentally ill people who feel ...
hall of shame i broke my hiatus because im so fucking excited
if i was a 5sos song which song would i be?
idk tho SU lapis lazuli steven universe su lapis lazuli danny draws i fukin hated the first one but i spent so much time on it i uploaded it anyways which was gr8 bc i redrew it so much better look at that shit go i might do a few more redraws im not rly feelin the palette things rn im v sorry ill get to them tomorrow hopefully im just way too stressed rn and i kno if i work on a palette draw ill get 10x more stressed tbh
my heart says jedi knight, but my emotional instability says sith lord
photoshoot photo post cate blanchett gbye im so turned on WHAT IS THIS GAY STUFF HAPPENING? cate ur hand is down ur pants ive never seen this b4 im too gay 4 this rn
Harry Styles * then and now :/ im so sad :(((((((
doodle osomatsu san Todomatsu ok not really ichi won so im drawing him rn tbh i like totty a lot
1k gifs justin bieber mine Typography 2k purpose ill show you this song and this photoshoot go so well together im sobbing rn i love justin drew
One Direction + Wolves
im taking a break from smoking weed
so i guess u could say im taking a highatus ;)