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*choking noise*

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*choking noise*
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SPN = Season 9 Upcoming Episodes
9x14 - Captives = February 25, 2014 (Haunted Bunker) 9x15 - #Thinman = March 4, 2014 (Ghostfacers) 1 week hiatus 9x16 - Blade Runner = March 18, 2014 (Snooki) 9x17 = March 25, 2014 (Misha Collins directs) 2 weeks hiatus 9x18 = April 15, 2014 9x19 = April 22, 2014 9x20 - Tribes = April 29, 2014 (...
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guys i found a new dance move im gonna call it the awkward pada-handi shake
I am an adult. I can handle anything the spn writers can throw at me. I am completely prepared for the season 9 finale. I will not spend the summer hiatus emotionally compromised by a bunch of fictional characters.   because I am an adult. 
Supernatural Spoilers (8x21)
Episode 8.21 will see the introduction of a new character. This character will appear in episodes 8.21/8.22 and 8.23 and has the possibility for more appearances in Season 9.His name is “Metatron” and is an aged angel, the scribe of God and has been around before the time of Adam and ...
this is the face of a man who is 100000% done with sam winchester’s nerdy bullshit and has been for the past 8 years
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The supernatural fandom before the finale: After the finale:
next week on supernatural 9x05
crowley is attacked by an angel and is dying. dean is upset and cries. “crowley! no! crowley, please, crowley. don’t die!” He instructs Ezekiel to save crowley and they all rejoice. crowley asks “but wasn’t I dead?” dean frowns and lies. “I threw a crumpet ...