• supplies I have like a billon markers from each copics and molotow I have issues they wouldnt fit in the pic thats all im sayin theartofknightjj •
Usual on the road sketch stuff. (Doodles you usually see on my insta are made with the multiliners and molotows)
paint! School projects, 150 days, el angelito etc are usually made with this!

Little post with my most used traditional supplies!

People keep asking me so I figured I’d put it in my faq like this :)

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art giveaway contest markers copic markers copics art supplies holiday business please someone do this i feel really bad for having these things and never using them i just want them to make someone happy GIVE THEM A GOOD HOME TUMBLR
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giveaway homestuck Persona 4 wheezes makign things look shitty is actually rly hard GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.............
giveaway homestuck I hope I didn't forget anything
this band is actually the worst because they’re all codependent and they never stop touching each other and they share clothes and have friendship bracelets and squeeze so they can all fit onto the same couch together and they keep each other grounded and they grew up together and they’r...
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fall out boy everytime seriously i love this i mean look at joe he is like noah and they are all the animals and they're going to get on his ark and have a party and fall in love
avengers casually leaves this here i put this movie on the other day to have background noise and i just do you remember that one shot of them in the forest just looking at each other and it looks like they have no idea what happened last night i. i do.
fuck you dc i know college humor made it but dc published it at the back of a comic a lot of women read so yeah fuck them it claims to be part of a series BUT YOU HAVE TO SEE THE REST ONLINE THIS IS THE ONE THEY CHOSE TO PUBLISH AND PROPAGATE ISNT THAT INTERE... oh this was also in the back of most of my other comics from this month on the topic of dc fucking with my ability to enjoy batwoman: still angry about the renee montoya thing
  • me reading:this character is going to die. isn't he.
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can't care about this character. I can't care about him as much as I want to because he's going to die
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can tell you're writing him like he's going to die, author
  • the author:
  • me reading:I'm not falling for this.
  • the author:
  • ...
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