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Synonyms for the Word Said

Said Synonyms- Reporting

  • Added:to enhance an argument
  • Advised: to warn, to offer help
  • Announced: to declare formally and or publicly
  • Asserted: to state positively but having no proof
  • Called: to capture attention by increased volume
  • Commented: to explain, interpret, or criticize - to make a remark
  • Complained: to express dislike or disagreement
  • Congratulated: to give wishes; to acknowledge an action or deed
  • Continued: to further or add to an earlier point
  • Declared: to make known clearly and openly
  • Informed: to give information, to make known; declare
  • Lied: to not speak truthfully
  • Observed: to mention casually
  • Offered:to suggest; to state
  • Mentioned: to state briefly; to bring up in conversation
  • Protested: to formally or openly disagree
  • Quoted: to repeat words of others; to cite a source
  • Recalled:to remember or bring up
  • Related: to make connection; to say allegorically
  • Remarked: to make a brief, casual statement of an opinion
  • Remembered: to recall
  • Reminded: to remember; to mention so as not to forget
  • Repeated: to say again; to restate
  • Replied: to answer; to say in response
  • Reported: to give a formal statement; to give an account of
  • Reassured: to give additional comfort, support, or evidence
  • Revealed: to make known; to publish
  • Stated: to say or paraphrase from official documents
  • Taunted: to cruelly tease in a mocking or insulting manner
  • Teased: to annoy or pester; vex
  • Tempted:  to cause to consider (usually) something bad

Said Synonyms- Explaining

  • Addressed: to speak directly to sme, respond or answer
  • Answered: to respond to a question
  • Asserted:to add or offer additional information
  • Assured:to soothe, comfort, calm
  • Broke In: to interrupt, supplying additional information
  • Cautioned: to warn or advise; strongly suggest
  • Claimed: to assert or maintain; to state as fact
  • Concluded: to finish or draw to a close; to understand
  • Confided: to let in on a secret; to disclose
  • Described:to give additional information
  • Explained: to make or offer an explanation
  • Finished: to conclude or complete
  • Quipped: to say ironically or unemotionally
  • Implied: to suggest, hint, or say without saying
  • Noted: to make mention; to acknowledge
  • Promised: to give word or make a vow
  • Puzzled: to say with doubt or ambiguity
  • Reckoned: to add or submit; to figure or believe
  • Rejoined: to answer an objection
  • Replied: to answer a question or comment
  • Responded: to reply or answer a question or comment
  • Retorted: to reply to criticism in a sharp, witty way
  • Returned: to answer an objection; to reply to a criticism or charge
  • Speculated: to guess using information available
  • Surmised: to conclude or deduce

Said Synonyms- Arguing

  • Accused: to charge, slander
  • Agreed: to concur, to be in harmony
  • Argued: defend position, disagree or dispute
  • Chided: to scold mildly; to goad into action
  • Commanded: lead; overwhelm opposition
  • Contended: to argue, dispute, disagree
  • Countered: to dispute, question
  • Convinced: persuaded; remove all doubt, win over
  • Disagreed: to be at odds; to not agree
  • Emphasized: to stress
  • Exclaimed: to speak suddenly, loudly with surprise
  • Interjected: to add or assert; to interrupt
  • Interrupted: to cut off or disrupt; to interject out of turn
  • Maintained: to assert, to support by argument, to affirm
  • Objected: to disagree; be in oppostion to
  • Pleaded: to implore or beg; to speak desperately
  • Proclaimed: to announce officially; support publicly
  • Proposed: to set forth a design or plan
  • Reasoned: to state calmly and with logic
  • Sassed: to speak back to authority figure; rebel
  • Screamed: to use high pitch loud voice
  • Threatened: to say in menacing manner
  • Warned: to make aware in advance of harm, danger, or evil
  • Yelled: to shout or use loud voice; scream

Said Synonyms- Suggesting

  • Chimed In:to add (usually) unwanted advice
  • Coaxed: to convince against someone’s will; change mind
  • Dared:challenge, question
  • Hinted: implies suggestion
  • Implied: similar to suggest - indicates a definite idea
  • Insinuated: to convey sth unpleasant in a sly, sneaky way
  • Intimidated: to say without saying, stresses delicacy of situation
  • Pondered: to consider; to weigh all options
  • Suggested: to propose as a possibility, to imply
  • Urged: To entreat earnestly and often repeatedly; exhort

Said Synonyms- Questioning

  • Asked: to question or solicit
  • Begged: to ask in a humble manner earnestly
  • Blurted: to interrupt or interject, to ask all together
  • Bugged: to ask repetitively; difficult or unwanted questions
  • Demanded:to ask for urgently and boldly
  • Guessed: to infer; to ask without evidence
  • Hypothesized: to guess, infer
  • Implored: to ask with fervor, implying desperation or distress
  • Inquired: to ask, seek information
  • Insisted: to demand strongly, to declare firmly
  • Pleaded: to answer a legal charge, to lovingly implore
  • Questioned: to ask, doubt, or dispute
  • Requested: to ask (sometimes) formally
  • Wondered: to say with puzzlement or doubt
  • Worried: to cause to feel anxious, distressed, or troubled

Said Synonyms- Acknowledging

  • Acknowledge: reluctant disclosure of something perhaps a secret
  • Admitted: reluctance to disclose or concede facts
  • Affirmed: implies deep conviction, little chance of contradiction
  • Alleged: to assert or declare, especially without proof
  • Approved: to consent or agree
  • Avowed: boldly declaring, often in the face of opposition
  • Boasted: to take pride in, brag or overstate
  • Bragged: to boast or overstate; be prideful
  • Conceded:similar to acknowledge and admit  
  • Confessed: an admission of a weakness, failure, omission, or guilt
  • Corrected: to instruct more correctly; remove misconception
  • Denied: not accepted; unused, refused
  • Disclosed: to reveal something previously concealed
  • Divulged: to reveal sth that should have remained secret
  • Fretted: to needlessly worry about small details
  • Greeted: to acknowledge presence; salute, salutation
  • Imitated: to copy, mimic or simulate
  • Jested: to make fun of, tease
  • Marveled: to speak with wonderment or amazement
  • Nodded: to move head up and down in agreement
  • Praised: to speak of with honor; to speak highly of someone
  • to speak of with honor; to speak highly of someone
  • Revealed: to make known that which had been secret or hidden
  • Uttered: to articulate; pronounce or speak
  • Volunteered: to give or offer to give voluntarily

Said Synonyms- Sounds & Misc

  • Babbled: to speak incoherently; gibberish, like baby talk
  • Bubbled: to speak lively and expressively; with joy
  • Chatted: to speak informally as to a friend
  • Chortled:to chuckle gleefully; short laugh of joy
  • Chorused: to speak simultaneously, together
  • Chuckled: short, soft laugh; usually to one’s self
  • Coughed: short, strong expulsion of air from lungs
  • Decided: finished, set
  • Echoed:repeated sound
  • Gasped: heavy breath after scare or physical exertion
  • Giggled: short, high-pitched laugh from fear or nervousness
  • Growled: rough, threatening manner
  • Gulped: to speak taking in large amounts of air as if drinking
  • Gurgled: to speak with fluid in the throat
  • Hissed: to speak in evil threatening manner
  • Hollered:to shout usually to someone at a distance
  • Lisped:to speak unclearly substituting sounds especially ‘th’
  • Panted: to speak as if out of breath
  • Piped:to speak suddenly and loudly
  • Quavered: to speak emotionally with faltering voice
  • Shrilled: high pitched shriek
  • Sighed: to speak with difficulty as if bored
  • Snickered: to say derisively with a laugh
  • Sniffed: to say as if about to cry
  • Snorted: to say with contempt and a short burst of breath
  • Sobbed: to cry uncontrollably
  • Sputtered: to speak with difficulty perhaps from impediment
  • Stammered: repeating words and sounds while missing others
  • Stuttered: to repeat certain sounds multiple times
  • Vowed: to promise solemnly; pledge
  • Wept: to cry softly, quietly
  • Whimpered: to cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds; whine
  • Whine: to complain or protest in a childish fashion

Credit to http://www.synonyms-antonyms.com/synonyms-for-said.html

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