• trick or tr(eat me out) t goodbye again i got on just to say this ahahaha electroscream •

trick or tr(eat me out)

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trick or tr(eat me out)
i just want rose to fix 11’s bow tie and say ‘i like it’
art homestuck gamzee goatdad I just wanted a baby Gamzee but then things got sad?
gif spoilers Merlin colin morgan Eoin Macken too many thanks for this scene it's not like it hurt or anything just casually say goodbye to your friend knowing you might never see him again that's cool couldn't work out if he said 'you know HOW to use the sharp end' or just 'you know to use the sharp end' so 'one last hair flick before i depart'
Big Bang f2ne1 edit goodbye stage
my edits my gifs doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye dwedit bad wolf meme THIS TOOK FOREVER ALSO ESPECIALLY SINCE I GOT ALL DONE AND THEN DECIDED I HATED THE MIDDLE TWO GIFS AND REDID THEM so yeah this is a thing idk okay bye
my stuff Teen Wolf stiles stilinski papa stilinski oh this is terrible and I wanted to do more and add more scenes to the gifs but I'm so tired ;__; ALKJSDFKL this just gave me a lot of feelings okay? Because they had to have had him say this for a purpose.
lonely pain crying military deployment Military SO here comes goodbye hello again
1k doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor doctor x rose mine 7 my gifs 3 otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye i had no fewer than 5 emotional breakdowns whilst making this and listening to doomsday theme probably didn't help AT ALL lololololol
thorki *thor fleet's art tag goodbye i am dead ive been working on this since 10pm IT IS NOW 7 AM i honestly really wanted to do a bg but i am just incapable woops my brain stopped working like 4 hours ago bye thor is a sore loser and loki cHEATS needless to say things get a little heated winkwinkk premovie when they still have hope in their hearts
* doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler dw[1] 10th doctor OTP: I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye. Hahaha why do I keep doing this to myself *cries blood and drowns in it* Tennant[1]
I Almost Do
Taylor Swift  Red
I bet this time of night you’re still upI bet you’re tired from a l...