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those 2 seconds felt like 2 hours

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Why is it that you freak out at the idea of fingering? I didn’t put that prostate in you, Jesus Christ did and I’m sure he had a...
what if someone called your phone, whispered your url and then hung up
[1] breaking bad Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul bryan cranston walter white i almost died
this whole situation is literally the definition of an emergency and yet this  N E R D is asking the class to take out their textbooks, turn to section 1-26, and read along with him
fav srsly sdcc comic con THIS IS ILLEGAL icanteven when i saw this picture i almost died
* lea michele cory monteith monchele they're killing me right now otp: irl i can almost hear lea telling cory he's too giving with his autograph lol
gif 1k edit sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol gfx Dongwoo Hoya Ot7 I ALMOST DIED MAKING THIS
NSFW smut sasusaku my hand hurts ssfanart art by op guys I almost died doing this and my eyes burn
s3 sherlock The Hangover sherlock spoilers series 3 my picture the sign of three drunklock seriously i almost died making this
punch hardcore i almost died chicago diy mary vallon photography
my gifs leo hyuk vixx taekwoon gifs:vixx i feel you hyokkie.. i almost died when our eyes meet no actually i died when he sang a song for me so i died twice that day it hurts..really