• tao thanks zitao yes pls ask him this kind of questions more im sure he has a lot of cute and precious things to tell us ppl hate him and he dont give a fuck. we all got it already we need new infos i think he meant six flags park here how the fuck disney land is scary?? ztaohs •

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Harry Styles * 2013 HSG angel!styles stop being such a fucking babe you're not real tags update: yes i know harry has objectified women yes i have objectified women too yes i AM a woman yes i meant no harm and didnt even notice i was doing such a thing and im pretty sure neither did him he KNOWS how to treat people he really does thats the concept of this post anyone who knows enough about him knows that idc about the times he has done something irrespectful because 1) he is not hitler he is just a 19 year old ofc he is gonna fuck up mainly in this aspect 2) IM NOT THAT FUCKING PESSIMISTIC PLEASE EITHER YOU SEE THE GOOD IN PEOPLE OR YOU SOD OFF BUT JUST STOP IT so much harry hate lately the amount of harry girls that have bitched about this gifset ayy lmao why are you a harry girl then
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