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taylor swift loft 89
Going to share this with you because I know a lot of you didn’t get the chance of meeting Taylor as much as you wanted to. But when I was talking to Taylor she explained to me that she was trying her hardest to meet as many people as possible and she tries to scroll on her dash and find people. But ...
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taylor swift tour the 1989 world tour loft '89 I'm sort of thirsty for it
gifs my gifs cute taylor swift Concert enchanted gifset ts 1989 wildest dreams the swiftie tag 1989 spoilers 1989 world tour loft 89 1989 detroit She's a literal sunshine princess look at her laugh her laugh could make flowers grow thank you Taylor for one of the best nights ever
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When you listen to ”Blank Space” in public: When you listen to ”Blank Space” alone: taylorswift
mine taylor swift tswiftedit tswiftgif blank space i can't download the hd version im so sad these are so lq yeah i know the last one's hella long but hear me out it was 89 frames and i didn't want to change that
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