• TBT to when Colin O’Donoghue was promoted to main cast BEFORE a single episode featuring Captain Hoo... 1k ouat captain hook Captain Swan colin o'donoghue ouat fandumb and could they have chosen a pic where he more adorable than this? no what a cupcake - this was intentional because they want you to fall in love with this menace before you even meet him on the show! ouat history lesson hellowherearemypeople •

TBT to when Colin O’Donoghue was promoted to main cast BEFORE a single episode featuring Captain Hook aired:


That’s right folks - the decision to keep him around past Season 2 actually had nothing to do with fan service.  Not a single “horny teen” or “twilight mom” had the chance to get a lady boner over Hook before the decision was made to make him part of the main, recurring cast.

The announcement that Colin/Hook would be a series regular actually came right after the premier episode of Season 2. The article above is dated October 3rd. This is, not coincidentally, right after filming for 2x06 Tallahassee would have occurred.

Imagine that! It’s almost like they had a special role for this character in mind and once the producers saw the footage of Colin as Hook they decided they could indeed move forward with it… in fact, that’s exactly what AH & EK have said (X):

Did you always intended to have Hook in love with Emma? Was that something you planned out or was it something that developed because of the actor’s chemistry onscreen?

Eddy: Always.

Adam:  Always. I mean, listen… You go into these things with the best intentions. That is to say we loved the idea that Hook and Emma would be kindred spirits and that is why we kind of wrote that in the beanstalk episode of season 2. But of course, you know, there’s always the chance that there isn’t any chemistry. We were very lucky that we feel that Hook and Emma have an enormous amount of chemistry so that kind of allowed us to stick to the plan that we wanted.

They had a plan. They hoped Hook and Emma would have chemistry. They did. So Colin was made series regular so that A&E could STICK TO THE PLAN they wanted. Yes, Colin has said he was hired as a guest. That is true. Because you don’t cast an actor as a series regular for the role of love interest to the leading lady until you know if it’s going to work - you hire them on as a guest, and if it is a good fit then you can make them a regular. Which is what happened. Colin filmed with JMO, the executive producers liked what they saw, and they promoted him to series regular before audiences ever got a look at him.

It had nothing to do with fan service. He was chosen for the role as Emma’s love interest because A&E anticipated audiences would love him - not because they already did.

Why bring up this little OUAT history lesson up now? 

Because it’s been THREE years and people are still spouting the nonsense that Hook was kept on the show because he was popular - that “rabid” fans demanded it - that him being paired with Emma was all fan service.  I know many newer fans were fed this nonsense by old timers who dislike Hook or CS and want to discredit the writers by accusing them of pandering. Time to put that nonsense to rest.

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