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tears of velvet

Photo from awhile back of me exploring an abandoned house

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160317 Red Velvet - “One Of These Nights” Official MV
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1k gifs edits IRENE red velvet just another normal day in the life of bae joohyun
*cries tears of glitter*
the "is on the verge of tears everyday" squad
cancer, virgo, libra, scorpio, pisces
1k edits IRENE red velvet p: gif i am unworthy of this perfection
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gifs joy wendy IRENE red velvet shaf ikon yeri seulgi rvedit lol so cute and confuse
1k gifs edits joy sorry wendy red velvet crappy gifs are crappy but i thought this part was funny :/
tweets 10k IM IN TEARS
hall of shame i broke my hiatus because im so fucking excited
1k edits joy edit red velvet yeri the quality of the scans was :/