• Teen Wolf *graphics stiles stilinski Scott McCall sciles otp: you still got me enjoy you guys! obrozey •
Teen Wolf *graphics stiles stilinski Scott McCall sciles otp: you still got me enjoy you guys!
Teen Wolf *graphics stiles stilinski Scott McCall sciles otp: you still got me enjoy you guys!

A list of some of the best Scott ‘n’ Stiles fic in the realm to help you embrace the rainbow! (Mainly romantic, but with speckles of strictly friendship.)


Canon Compliant/Divergent

we can work it out by alessandriana (Teen) *friendship

"You do realize it’s not actually my birthday, right? Or any other gift-giving holiday that I can think of?" Stiles pauses, struck by a thought. "Unless— are there werewolf holidays? Like, second birthdays? Anniversary of the day you got bit? Full moon festivals? Congrats-on-not-trying-to-murder-your-best-friend-for-three-weeks kinds of holidays?"
"Um." Scott replies, blinking those baffled, adorable doe-eyes. "Not that I know of?"

instead, i took care of you by marigolds (Teen)

Stiles just needs to know that his best friend is still there. | Set during the Motel California episode.

bring me back, help me stay by stilessexual (Explicit)

Set after 3x03 “Fireflies” this is the story of how Stiles grieved and Scott didn’t let his best friend die a virgin.

Quiet, Heart by Loz (Explicit)

Scott thinks, for the first time in a long time, that he’s getting to the point where he can be himself again.

A Place to Belong by blacktofade (Explicit)

Stiles doesn’t know what to expect after they complete the ritual, after his father’s checked over at the hospital and released a few hours later, after Stiles is back at home, sitting on the end of his bed with a heaviness in his chest that’s never been there before.

left an impression on my heart by d0nquix0te (Teen)

Scott and Stiles are best friends who accidentally kiss sometimes.

Hindsight is 20/20 series by captainkoirk (Explicit)

Stiles likes to be sure of things, when he can be. It comes with the territory; growing up on the wrong side of gangly, complete with a late growth spurt and a nail-biting habit. Precocious as they come and constantly mistaken for being younger. An ex-prodigy child with a mean streak that grew up too fast because a broad vocabulary means hitting hard and getting your barbs hooked.

Stiles can do tunnel vision with the best of them, knows every Pre and Post iteration of himself, can pick at a moment and know his own inevitable shifting, from Mom’s death to his first day of high school to his first brush with lycanthropy. And yet he can’t pinpoint when Scott’s leg pressed against his own changed from something he wouldn’t even register to the sort of thing that twists in his gut and pulls the air from his lungs, because Scott’s been his constant when the world won’t stop spinning and Stiles wants off, and Stiles can’t quantify any of it.

So if I May, What if I Say by Loz (General)

Scott being there for Stiles on his mother’s death anniversary.

Fall’s Edge by Kedreeva (Teen)

"Of course I’m going to make you go swimming," Stiles told him, rounding the back corner of the Jeep and shoving a beach towel into Scott’s chest. "This is a time honored tradition that I intend to uphold. As my best friend, it is your duty to uphold it with me."

Every year Stiles takes Scott on a trip to the lake. 

Best Friends, Secrets, and Summertime Firsts by Twelvefootmountaintroll (Teen)

Scott and Stiles spend their summer the best way they know. Featuring pouty lips, smoking, and makeouts in the Jeep.

burn by Rrrowr (Teen)

While on an overnight field trip with their classmates, Scott and Stiles share a joint.

Happy Hour by Not_So_Austen (Mature)

Scott and Stiles undercover in a gay bar. Because reasons.

Inside Out (Turn About) by tsukinofaerii (Explicit)

Scott knows Stiles. He knows him down to the bone, knows every tick and twitch and smile. They say that when you love someone, they become a part of you. That a piece of them gets locked in your heart for safekeeping. There’s a piece of Stiles in Scott. It’s anything but safe.

(don’t be mad) ‘cause I’m doing me better than you doing you by Loz (Explicit)

Some days Scott can almost believe he isn’t gone. He looks right, he sounds right, he even smells right. But he’s the opposite.

Not You by wallmeetsfloor (Teen)

When Stiles is himself again, truly himself, he locks himself in his room for a week because he can’t stand to walk out the door and face all the funerals he’s caused.

(“Not you,” Lydia will tell him later, fingernails digging into his palm. “Not you,” he will repeat to himself, testing out the words. One day, much later, he will even start to believe them.)


Alternative Universe

fahrenheit by 8611 (Mature)

“She all good?” Stiles asks when Scott hangs up.
“Totally fine,” Scott says. “She and Chris and Allison are tracking some vamps.”
“Sounds like fun,” Stiles says, and tosses the keys to Scott.
He texts John when they’re on the road — Idaho, be back inside a week.

not like the movies (that’s how it should be) by soft_rains (Teen)

Scott McCall has no delusions about the way the world works.

tween wolf series by verity (Teen) *friendship

The day before sixth grade starts, Scott gets bitten by a werewolf.

i’ll see you down the line by redweathertiger (Teen)

(Or, the one where Stiles & Scott were always girls.) They meet in detention, on the second Thursday of seventh grade. And they never quite seem to stop getting into trouble.

And all the foundations that we’ve made by 8611 (Mature)

The coldest day of the winter is in February, on a dead silent Sunday, any sound swallowed up by the snow and the cold.

No Code Beyond Survival by jettiebettie (Mature) *friendship

He wasn’t born with this hunger. It came not long after all he had left was taken from him. It came when he was close to death himself, scared, cold, and alone. When every breath hurt and no one could hear his pained sobbing. It clawed its way into him when he no longer had the strength to call for a father he knew couldn’t save him.

And as much as it frightened him, he didn’t fight it.

Call it a Draw by Kedreeva (Teen)

Scott and Stiles as a crime-fighting duo. Patching up wounds and making out!

say now, say now by redweathertiger (Mature)

AU where Scott and Stiles were always girls whose friendship was always complicated, and all the Darach’s sacrifices were of virgins.


Porn Without (or with limited) Plot

For as long as you have time by queerly_it_is (Explicit)

Scott drops into the seat hard enough that his teeth click together, Stiles’ body folding down on top of him.
“This is such a bad idea,” he says around a laugh when Stiles slaps at his knee until he scoots back across the seat to make room, shoulders bumping the bottom of the window.
There’s a smirk creeping along Stiles’ mouth. “Aw, Scotty,” he drawls, shaking his head. “You say that like it’s ever stopped us before.”

The List by collie (Explicit)

The list was Stiles’ idea.

On the back of the piece of notebook paper they’d been using to keep a tally of games won, he wrote down ‘kiss me, dumbass’ and crossed it off as a joke, laughing like it was something that they’d gotten out of the way, so now they’d never have to wonder what it was like. Now they’d never have to suffer through an awkward drunk moment when they were older.

Scott, however, was the one that grabbed the list and wrote ‘jerk off together watching porn’ on the second line, before giving Stiles a challenging little smile and grabbing his laptop. Forty-five minutes later, Stiles had crossed that one off the list as well, with a very satisfied smile.

You Let Me Complicate You by Loz (Explicit)

The act itself doesn’t feel wrong, so Scott assumes it doesn’t matter if it’s ultimately stress relief, or a reaction to near-death experiences, or an expression of feelings he can’t put into words. It’s not important that they’re probably doing this for different reasons when they get the same result.

'til my heart starts by queerly_it_is (Explicit)

They hit the bed laughing.

Sleepover by brorotica (Explicit)

When Melissa gets home in the morning, she finds them on the couch, wrapped in a decorative throw blanket and wearing only their boxers. She’s known, of course, that their sleepovers have been getting decidedly more adult, but she sighs anyway and grabs a few more blankets from the linen closet, piling them on both boys and vowing to never, ever mention this to the sheriff.

That’s What Friends Are For by tigerlady (Explicit)

Somehow, Scott managed to wind up on the wrong end of a genderswapping spell.

Turns out, it’s not a completely bad thing.

Inside my Skin There is This Space by Loz (Explicit)

Some days, he prefers it. None of the heady anger he felt when he was first bitten. The injustice roiling in his belly, the persistent tremor of terror working up his spine. Just him, living a life that doesn’t mean anything, but isn’t hurting either.

Roadside Assistance by autoschediastic (Explicit)

"Ow, okay, what part of ow are you not getting? God, is this how you cuddle?"
"I’m not trying to cuddle you," Scott says, rooting determinedly around. "I’m trying to keep you warm."
Stiles gives him a long look. A really, really long one, because sometimes Scott needs the time to chug his way around to a conclusion.
"Oh," he says.


Future Fic

A Phenomenon When You Came Along by Loz (Explicit)

Stiles and Scott embark on a road trip together. This isn’t a metaphor (except for how it is.)

“It’s okay, I’m good.”
“Yeah, you’re the best,” Scott replies automatically.

It’s one of their stock phrases, something they’ve said since childhood —- as natural to them as their ability to communicate through eyebrow-raises, their super-secret handshake and their unending loyalty to one another, but Stiles thought they’d retired it when they were fifteen, so he glances at Scott quickly.

“Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten how to be us and then you say something, or look at me a certain way, and it all comes back.”

Like A Stone In The Water (Turn The Pages) by dutchydoescoke (General)

Stiles got Scott into trouble. It was a fact of his life at this point. Stiles had gotten him arrested, turned into a werewolf, onto the lacrosse team, and grounded six ways from Sunday after trying to use Kool-aid to dye his hair and instead dyed the tub. And then, well. The Sheriff meant well, and Scott and Stiles knew that, but it kind of drove Stiles up the wall and he accidentally blurted out that he was engaged to Scott to get his dad to stop. Scott didn’t really mind, though. He’d done weirder things for Stiles.

falling leaves drift by the window by Loz (Explicit)

It had been 746 days since he had seen Stiles anywhere but a laptop screen. It had been 746 days since he’d felt like himself.

anchor me back down by Bontaque (Explicit)

After highschool, once Allison has moved on and the boys are in college, Scott is without and anchor. He finds one in Stiles, because he has always had Stiles and always will.

Trying Hard to Keep This Warmth In by Loz (Teen)

The thing about them being best friends is that they’re always touching.

i’ve woken up on one too many floors (but my favorite was yours) by turnpikedarling (Explicit)

“Come on, dude,” Stiles tells him, planting his hands on the back of the couch and vaulting over it into the hallway of the apartment they’re currently trying to move into. It’s their first apartment together, some shitty little thing Stiles found on Craigslist and sent to Scott in a frantic email. It took Scott less than a second to realize he’d follow Stiles anywhere, and then all of a sudden: a month later they were roping Isaac and Erica and Boyd into helping them move hand-me-down furniture across town, and now here they are, trying to figure out what to do with this disgusting couch that neither of them really wants, anyway.

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