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People have avoided applying the “terrorist” label to Lubitz, largely out of uncertainty, which is fair. We don’t know if it’s true. But history suggests that, were he a killer of any other shade, we’d be far less generous with our reservations. White killers get the benefit of humanization. We explain their existence through their broken dreams, their struggles and their afflictions. It’s part of why Muslim killers are consistently presented to us in mug shots, or why black victims — like Michael Brown, who never killed anyone at all — are presented as scowling, threatening “thugs.”

Meanwhile, one of the most widely circulated photos of Lubitz has him smiling peacefully in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as the sun sets in the background.

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America didn’t just decline to indict these police officers. We have declined, repeatedly, and on prime-time, to afford black people b...
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Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Police Commissioner Robert Copeland called the president the N-word and when asked about it wrote in an email that he won’t be apologizing because Ob...
Because Michelle Obama seemed to fit neatly within the American racial framework, she was readily subjected to the distorting images of the ...
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white privilege is skylar vincent murphy being found with a pipe bomb in his luggage, told he could take the bomb on board if he wanted, and being allowed to board the plane just a few minutes after  whereas a brown guy with literally a TRACE of bedbug spray on his clothes wasn’t allowed to bo...
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They literally set the teacher on fire with gasoline and made the kids watch.
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“america is the land of the free” unless you’re not a straight rich white man, then it’s not. 
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