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Text meme

Send me a symbol for a:

? - Drunk/drugged text

? - A heartfelt text

? - An emergency text

? - A bedtime text

? - A text while travelling

? - An angry text

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Handwriting Meme
1. Handwrite your name. 2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL. 3. Handwrite your blog title. 4. Handwrite your Tumblr crushes. 5. Handwrite your favorite season of the year. 6. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now. 7. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors. 8. Handwrite your favorit...
anonymous questions weird questions pick up lines confessions would you ever… have you ever… would you rather… rants and/or raves favorite bands lyrics dead bodies abandoned puppies, kittens and babies Pregnant women claiming to be carrying my child Recipes Tickets for concerts Narnia map Stark Indu...
Put a symbol in my ask!
?: Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)? ??????: Ever tripped in front a bunch of people? ?: When was the last time you tied your hair up? (if your hair is long enough) ?: Are you currently dating? ?: Ever felt attracted to the opposite sex before? ?(???)?: Have you ever wanted to flip...
Send me a symbol if you would:
? -Take me on a date ? -Stay the night ?- Kiss me ?-Hug me ?- Fuck me ?- Slap me ?-Punch me ?- Kill me ?- Sing me to sleep. ?-Spend hours on my blog. ?-Come with me to a festival/concert. ?-Meet up with me in the future.
Send me a symbol.
æ: Post a picture of yourself ?: Share a childhood memory ?: Make a confession ?: Share one of your insecurities ?: Share something about yourself others might think is weird. ?: Share a turn off ?: Share a turn on ?: Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past. ?: Share the ...
Domesticity Meme
If you can think of a ship, i will answer these questions for them who cooks normally?: how often do they fight?: what do they do when they’re away from each other?: nicknames for each other?: who is more likely to pay for dinner?: who steals the covers at night?: what would they get each other for ...
Invade my privacy. Do it.
Purple: 10 facts about my room Blue: 9 facts about my family Green: 8 facts about appearance Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood Orange: 6 facts about my home town Red: 5 facts about my best friend Pink: 4 facts about my parents White: 3 facts about my personality Grey: 2 facts about my favor...
Send me a star ( * ) and I’ll fill this out.
What are you to me (check all that apply)? [] A stranger. [] A friend. [] A best friend. [] A crush. [] A girlfriend/boyfriend. [] A fiance/fiancee. [] A husband/wife. [] A family member.  Where did I meet you? [] A bar. [] A party. [] The movies. [] The internet. [] Work. [] School. [] Church. [] ...
Send me 'babe' and I'll do this
you are :[] cute  [] pretty  [] decent/okay [] beautiful [] sexy [] unf If you stayed over, we’d:[] cuddle  [] talk [] chill [] make babies  [] have sex [] make out [] have a pillow fight On a scale from 1-10, you are: [] 1-2 [] 3-4 [] 5-6 [] 7-8 [] 9-10 You should:[] come on over [] mak...
Send me "baby~" and I'll answer this:
We kissed by accident:[] continue kissing [] smile [] awkward [] walk away [] be like wtf  [] kiss you backIf you hugged me:[] hug you back [] let you [] hug you heaps more [] push you awayWould I date you?[] yes [] no [] maybe [] probably [] already have [] we currently areYou should:[] text me [] ...
Artist Questions Ask Meme
Put a number in my ask box!: When did you get into art? What art-related sites have you ever signed up for? Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand. What defines your artistic style? Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past? What levels of artistic education hav...
Give me a URL and I will say what I think of that RPer