• *can’t find any makeup brushes* text mgs selkiecide •

*can’t find any makeup brushes*

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*can’t find any makeup brushes*
once you beat bob ross at paintingyou surpassed The Rossand you have earned the title..Big Ross
Okay so as a joke, I decided to take this picture of Hideo Kojima (you all know it) and turn it into camo for MGS3D. Well, in Graniny Gorki… Kojima’s smiling mug gives me a 100% camo index. They literally cannot see me even though I’m shooting them all. Kaz was right.
me in 6 days:you in 6 days:
when you call her bb and she thinks you mean baby but what you really mean is big boss
Shakira Shakira
me: hey dad what do you want for father’s day?dad:
when all your friends play metal gear except for you
Ocelot: Ocelots are proud creaturesOcelot:Ocelot: *Immediately performs the most embarrassing fucking action humanly possible*
Welcome to 2014, everyone. Time to look forward to Liquid Ocelot’s insurrection.
trying to complete a whole series of games before a new sequel comes out
Describe your penis using a Metal Gear quote:
“Stealth camouflage?!”