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1954. 1974. 1990. 2014.

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football spain nt fifa world cup 2014 fifa world cup brazil 2014
World Cup 2014 draw.
Group A: Brazil; Croatia; Mexico; Cameroon.  Group B: Spain; Netherlands; Chile; Australia.  Group C: Colombia; Greece; Ivory Coast; Japan.  Group D: Uruguay; Costa Rica; England; Italy.  Group E: Switzerland; Ecuador; France; Honduras.  Group F: Argentina; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Iran; Nigeria. Group ...
mine random football brazil nt idk??? World Cup 2014 sorry this is shitty countdown omg ive been editing like shit im sorry se der certo nosso plano da zoeira essa vai ser a zoeira mais zoeira de todas as zoeiras na moralisssss
mine football brazil *gifs brazil nt world cup wc2014cd 2014 fifa world cup this fifa tv on youtube makes my countdown a million times easier
mine spain nt italy nt Germany NT Portugal NT france nt Euro 2012 England NT Euro2012 czech republic nt greece nt
world cup World Cup 2014
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MY EDIT brazil nt spain nt italy nt Germany NT france nt netherlands nt England NT i hope i didn't make any mistakes czech republic nt greece nt USA NT Sweden NT Poland NT Russia nt Croatia nt
2010 2012 2008 spain nt allmyedits world cup FIFA Euro 2012 World Cup 2010 UEFA euros euro 2008 fifaworldcup2010 photoset fun spainnt uefaeuros2008 uefaeuros2012
World Cup 2010 chile nt my gifsss gary medel chile national team mundial 2010
shirts spain nt italy nt Germany NT Portugal NT france nt Euro 2012 netherlands nt England NT and so on....
mine football *gifs fifa world cup fifa world cup 2014 wc2014cd World Cup 2014