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I did this to myself, I let you in and when you left nothing mattered anymore.
I broke my own heart loving you.
Now it’s 4 in the morning and I love you more than I did in December.

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You are a lighter, and I am a cigarette; harmless until we intervene, fatal when we do.
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My older brother received a call at two pm on a Thursday, That his roommate from college And best friend from high school; Overdosed and die...
You almost convinced me I mattered.
Someday, you will find someone, who won’t sigh at words like commitment, and whose jaw won’t clench, when you ask them to stay. ...
You smiling at me. That’s enough.
tell me the storyabout how the sunloved the moon so muchhe died every nightto let her breathe
I don’t want to be your entire world, no. I would be happy just to be your morning coffee, your hanging car keys, your wallet. Something seemingly insignificant, but if lost throws off your entire day.
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I am attracted to the idea of your lips exploring my body as if it were a map and you kept getting lost on purpose.