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When someone asks me how my writing is going...
For Writers with Page Fright
(I haven’t stopped laughing self-indulgently since I thought of the term page fright)You know the feel, when you’ve got your idea and got your cast, maybe even worked out an outline, and you pull up the document and spend a good 20 minutes picking out a nice font and formatting everything just to yo...
resource for procrastination
if you’re anything like me, working on a computer is a dangerous thing. i’ll get distracted by everything - that one email i should respond to, all the pictures of my dog, tumblr, and so on. I recently discovered an amazing resource to stop that.it’s called writer’s block, and is free to download! w...
Writing a novel when you imagine all you stories in film format is hard because there’s really no written equivalent of “lens flare” or “slow motion montage backed by Gregorian choir”
All Fanfiction.net Stories Have Been Stolen
Dear fanfiction writers,Please be aware that there are fake websites which have mirrored literally ALL FANFICS from Fanfiction.net. As far as I can tell, they are near-perfect mirrors, updating in real-time to FFN’s servers.All of your stories, your profile, everything has been stolen and copied ont...
I want that ‘have you seen the way he looks at her’ kind of love.
I write in darkness because my words are the only thing that can glow.
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He painted my heart with colors I never knew existed.
Show me your awful I’ll still write you as you are Something beautiful
I wrote a book once but every page was a breakup letter to myself.
when you want to write something really deep but it ends up sounding like