• The End TV: Merlin Merlin BBC Merlin colin morgan season one merlin emrys merlinedit season five tas makes things once and future queue c: merlin emrys bbcemrys I HAVE A LOT OF DAMN FEELINGS ABOUT THESE PARALLELS I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE WRITERS AND ALL I CAN SAY IS HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO MY EMOTIONS only this fucking show could possibly give me these many feelings about a damn sword ffs newberried •

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ugh Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin merlin emrys 5x05 the disir I had to make this because it's all i could think it was SUCH a wasted opportunity for a magic reveal merlin lb merlin gifs
A Very StarKid Harry Potter Fandom Celebration On August 11,...
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A year ago today I was hungover. I’d spent the previou...
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